Money images

Whether it’s fat stacks of cash, a money tree blooming on a countryside or dollar sign bags being carried by a cartoon real-estate tycoon - with our rich collection of money images, there’s no end to the creative ways to play with this iconic symbol.

black wallet with money on a grey wood grain surface

Black Wallet With Money On A Grey Wood Grain Surface

typed money

Typed Money

money money money

Money Money Money

hand holding a stack of paper bills

Hand Holding A Stack Of Paper Bills

person places cash into a yellow and white machine

Person Places Cash Into A Yellow And White Machine

small stack of indian rupee currency

Small Stack of Indian Rupee Currency

stack of money on a wood grain surface

Stack Of Money On A Wood Grain Surface

indian rupees texture background

Indian Rupees Texture Background

money flatlay with coins

Money Flatlay With Coins

money offering

Money Offering

money pattern

Money Pattern

grey wood grain surface with a stack of us bills

Grey Wood Grain Surface With A Stack Of Us Bills

cash letters surrounded by coins

Cash Letters Surrounded By Coins

close up of hand holding up burning notes

Close Up Of Hand Holding Up Burning Notes

loan in letter tiles

Loan In Letter Tiles

cash close up

Cash Close Up

scattered pile of dollar bills

Scattered Pile of Dollar Bills

money on a typewriter machine

Money On A Typewriter Machine

dollar sign on a typewriter machine

Dollar Sign On A Typewriter Machine

a stack of currency on a black background

A Stack Of Currency On A Black Background

100 dollars american

100 Dollars American

american paper money

American Paper Money

holding a stack of money

Holding A Stack Of Money

holding money

Holding Money

dinheiro lettering and coins

Dinheiro Lettering And Coins

money on a typewriter machine close-up

Money On A Typewriter Machine Close-Up

a hand holds up some bank notes

A Hand Holds Up Some Bank Notes

a pile of dollar bills

A Pile Of Dollar Bills

money' on typewriter

Money' On Typewriter

landscape view of currency on a black background

Landscape View Of Currency On A Black Background

fruit and snack baskets

Fruit And Snack Baskets

fanned out rupees currency

Fanned Out Rupees Currency

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Money and finance as a symbol

Money can mean a lot of things to a lot of different people. For entrepreneurs and business-owners - cash can be a symbol of wealth, prosperity and success, as well as a symbol of stability. For an artist or activist - bags of money can be used to represent the greed and excess of big business. Whatever your project - our rich collection of high-resolution images of piggy banks, coins and paper money can be a great way to visually complement your copy and let readers connect with your project on a visceral level.

Money in Financial Writing

When money is used in financial writing, it can give your readers a sense of what they can do by using efficient planning and precise execution of their finances. Money doesn’t just represent itself physically, but is also representative of the imagined effects of wealth and the rich, stable life that good financial planning can bring.

A stunning photograph of a bag of cash or a stack of coins - for example - can have the effect of giving your reader a physical connection to the copy and help boost their level of excitement at the prospect of stability. It doesn’t just represent what good business-sense can bring, but the imagined effects of wealth and the rich, stable life that good financial planning can provide. It gives your readers a physical connection to the message of your writing and motivates them to read on. This makes our rich collection of images great for financial and business writing.

Cash and Currency as an Artistic Symbol

Despite this - money isn’t a symbol of good to everybody. Artists have historically used symbols of money to critique the greed and excess of big business. This makes our image-set very versatile. Our images are 100% free and editable - so put in another context, you could say something completely different about money.

Artists have also been known to use images of money as symbols for critiques of the obsession with wealth that’s so prevalent in society. Andy Warhol - one of the most famous figures of the pop art movement - often used the iconography of money, dollar bills, dollar signs, and images of currency in his works. In fact - one his most famous pieces of art that used the imagery of currency, “200 one dollar bills” was sold for $43.8 million in 2009.

And in recent years, the financialisation of the global economy has inspired an increase in art that uses money as an object of artistic expression. Uses range from the integration of the physical form of money (such as coins, bills and credit cards) into aesthetic works to sculptures, paintings, and even representative performance. There’s even been artists who’ve occupied themselves with the more concrete themes such as debt, economics, and the dynamics of the art market.