Minimalist Photos

Looking to creatively convey a sense of minimalism? It used to be a tall order. After all, the term minimalist refers to anything that is spare or stripped to its essentials. But browse through the pictures below, and you'll be amazed at the myriad original ways in which our talented photographers have depicted true minimalism.

person lays on a dark green couch and smiles

Person Lays On A Dark Green Couch And Smiles

a cellphone floats in the middle of orange background

A Cellphone Floats In The Middle Of Orange Background

hand reaches for a notebook on yellow

Hand Reaches For A Notebook On Yellow

person in pink lays on a green couch

Person In Pink Lays On A Green Couch

flatlay of a valentines day card with foil chocolate hearts

Flatlay Of A Valentines Day Card With Foil Chocolate Hearts

flatlay of a laptop and camera with stationary

Flatlay Of A Laptop And Camera With Stationary

a wet crisp green apple against a light blue background

A Wet Crisp Green Apple Against A Light Blue Background

single bird in flight below blue and yellow sky

Single Bird In Flight Below Blue And Yellow Sky

tablet lays on a white table with screen lit by app icons

Tablet Lays On A White Table With Screen Lit By App Icons

door with frosted window lets in orange sunlight

Door With Frosted Window Lets In Orange Sunlight

casually dressed with jacket over shoulder

Casually Dressed With Jacket Over Shoulder

tall grey building with lines of reflective windows

Tall Grey Building With Lines Of Reflective Windows

macro water drops on a red apple

Macro Water Drops On A Red Apple

social distancing in wooden letter tiles

Social Distancing In Wooden Letter Tiles

off center vivid floral arrangement

Off Center Vivid Floral Arrangement

looking up towards the sky at a grey building

Looking Up Towards The Sky At A Grey Building

person wearing pink sits while holding their belly

Person Wearing Pink Sits While Holding Their Belly

person in a pink outfit sits in a gold chair

Person In A Pink Outfit Sits In A Gold Chair

light blue sunglass frames against white

Light Blue Sunglass Frames Against White

stone building with a thin bright yellow door

Stone Building With A Thin Bright Yellow Door

blue red pink and yellow paper fanned out

Blue Red Pink And Yellow Paper Fanned Out

cellphone floats above a soft pink background

Cellphone Floats Above A Soft Pink Background

closeup of a young green fern

Closeup Of A Young Green Fern

flatlay of a camera rubiks cube and hard drive

Flatlay Of A Camera Rubiks Cube And Hard Drive

orange rubiks cube camera and hard drive

Orange Rubiks Cube Camera And Hard Drive

black and white photo of a bird in mid flight

Black And White Photo Of A Bird In Mid Flight

looking up the the corner of a checkered building

Looking Up The The Corner Of A Checkered Building

flatlay of orange objects in a line

Flatlay Of Orange Objects In A Line

person in pink looks down and sits in a gold metal chair

Person In Pink Looks Down And Sits In A Gold Metal Chair

two ropes crossing over on the water

Two Ropes Crossing Over On The Water

side of a building with remains of an old poster

Side Of A Building With Remains Of An Old Poster

tiles reflected in curved glass windows

Tiles Reflected In Curved Glass Windows

a closed grey curtain surrounded by a grey wall

A Closed Grey Curtain Surrounded By A Grey Wall

cellphone levitates above an orange background

Cellphone Levitates Above An Orange Background

a single tree in the middle of the frame at sunset

A Single Tree In The Middle Of The Frame At Sunset

green leaf stems against a blue background

Green Leaf Stems Against A Blue Background

modern glass covered building with industrial design

Modern Glass Covered Building With Industrial Design

house plant in a white geometric pot

House Plant In A White Geometric Pot

blue and grey road with a bright red rectangular sign

Blue And Grey Road With A Bright Red Rectangular Sign

yellow wall with a section of exposed brick

Yellow Wall With A Section Of Exposed Brick

metal scaffolding and clear blue skies

Metal Scaffolding And Clear Blue Skies

photo of a street corner where two buildings meet

Photo Of A Street Corner Where Two Buildings Meet

social distancing on a white background

Social Distancing On A White Background

brown grass pokes out of freshly fallen snow

Brown Grass Pokes Out Of Freshly Fallen Snow

a green triangle and an orange triangle on paper

A Green Triangle And An Orange Triangle On Paper

blue sky clouds and a yellow building

Blue Sky Clouds And A Yellow Building

tree reaches tall against a lite blue sky

Tree Reaches Tall Against A Lite Blue Sky

sandy beach and wavy ocean on a overcast day

Sandy Beach And Wavy Ocean On A Overcast Day

modern staircase outside building

Modern Staircase Outside Building

green table grapes on a white background

Green Table Grapes On A White Background

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