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Choose from a selection of free pictures of laptops. You’ll find pictures of laptops, Macbooks, laptop accessories, and more in different settings such as desks, offices, and on plain white backgrounds. Find the perfect laptop photo on Burst.

desk with some black gadgets in focus

Desk With Some Black Gadgets In Focus

coworkers sync up at table

Coworkers Sync Up At Table

colorful laptop wallpaper and phone

Colorful laptop Wallpaper And Phone

flatlay of a notebook pen laptop and cellphone

Flatlay Of A Notebook Pen Laptop And Cellphone

flatlay welcoming summer with a laptop and cellphone

Flatlay Welcoming Summer With A Laptop And Cellphone

women sat during a meeting while enjoying a coffee

Women Sat During A Meeting While Enjoying A Coffee

hands holds a cell phone showing the shopify logo

Hands Holds A Cell Phone Showing The Shopify Logo

black bag with school supplies falling out of it

Black Bag With School Supplies Falling Out Of It

desk sits by the window in a home office

Desk Sits By The Window In A Home Office

large window provides natural light to a workspace

Large Window Provides Natural Light To A Workspace

objects on a desk throw shadows from a lamp

Objects On A Desk Throw Shadows From A Lamp

young man and woman at table in coffee shop

Young Man And Woman At Table In Coffee Shop

work space from above as they type in a laptop

Work Space From Above As They Type In A Laptop

flatlay of a pen next to paper and a laptop and cellphone

Flatlay Of A Pen Next To Paper And A Laptop And Cellphone

young woman using laptop in her bed

Young Woman Using Laptop In Her Bed

look on laptop

Look On Laptop

black power cord plugged into a silver laptop

Black Power Cord Plugged Into A Silver Laptop

entrepreneur at work remotely

Entrepreneur At Work Remotely

person sits in front of a laptop and takes notes

Person Sits In Front Of A Laptop And Takes Notes

angled view of clean desk and chair setup

Angled View Of Clean Desk And Chair Setup

young woman working on her computer

Young Woman Working On Her Computer

a pair of hands typing away close up

A Pair Of Hands Typing Away Close Up

office flatlay with camera gear and orange fruit

Office Flatlay With Camera Gear And Orange Fruit

front facing view of clean desk setup

Front Facing View Of Clean Desk Setup

man at computer using trackpad

Man At Computer Using Trackpad

person works from their couch talking to laptop screen

Person Works From Their Couch Talking To Laptop Screen

person leans over their desk and takes notes

Person Leans Over Their Desk And Takes Notes

modern office meeting on rooftop patio

Modern Office Meeting On Rooftop Patio

couple online shopping on laptop

Couple Online Shopping On Laptop

black glasses frames sit up on surface

Black Glasses Frames Sit Up On Surface

microphone on a stand and laptop in monochrome

Microphone On A Stand And Laptop In Monochrome

woman sitting on pink bed with her laptop and pphone

Woman Sitting On Pink Bed With Her Laptop And Pphone

photographer sits on floor holding a camera to their face

Photographer Sits On Floor Holding A Camera To Their Face

couple at home online shopping

Couple At Home Online Shopping

hands type on a laptop that is next to a tablet

Hands Type On A Laptop That Is Next To A Tablet

flatlay of a tablet cellphone and laptop keyboard on grey

Flatlay Of A Tablet Cellphone And Laptop Keyboard ON Grey

man writing in postit notes at meeting

Man Writing In Postit Notes At Meeting

black microphone on a stand reflecting orange light

Black Microphone On A Stand Reflecting Orange Light

couch working woman

Couch Working Woman

legs facing a open laptop on a yoga mat

Legs Facing A Open Laptop On A Yoga Mat

she is ready to work with embroidery

She Is Ready To Work With Embroidery

partially closed laptop in red light

Partially Closed Laptop In Red Light

hands writing in journal at the table

Hands Writing In Journal At The Table

close up of computer mouse in action

Close Up Of Computer Mouse In Action

a laptop on a desk with plant overhead

A Laptop On A Desk With Plant Overhead

hands type on a laptop next to iced coffee and a tablet

Hands Type On A Laptop Next To Iced Coffee And A Tablet

using touchscreen tablet

Using Touchscreen Tablet

young woman working on laptop

Young Woman Working On Laptop

illuminated laptop in the dark

Illuminated Laptop In The Dark

couple smiling while online shopping

Couple Smiling While Online Shopping

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