Lake Pictures

Lakes are beautiful, and our curated selection of images show why in stunning high-resolution. Whether you're looking for a wide shot of a lake enclosed by mountains, a medium shot of amateur fishermen reeling their catch in, or a close up of a wooden dock on the lake, you're sure to find it below.

swan family swims

Swan Family Swims

lone swan on dark water

Lone Swan On Dark Water

a ship maintains the ice on misty water

A Ship Maintains The Ice On Misty Water

a look down at frost covered rocks

A Look Down At Frost Covered Rocks

a ship stops the ice from floating away

A Ship Stops The Ice From Floating Away

an old ship creating a barrier of ice

An Old Ship Creating A Barrier Of Ice

glassy lake reflects snow-capped mountains

Glassy Lake Reflects Snow-Capped Mountains

fire-lit house glows by a frosty lake against a starry sky

Fire-Lit House Glows By A Frosty Lake Against A Starry Sky

line of frosty pines separates frozen lake from mountains

Line Of Frosty Pines Separates Frozen Lake From Mountains

tanker blocks ice from floating out into misty water

Tanker Blocks Ice From Floating Out Into Misty Water

ice breaking apart on the water

Ice Breaking Apart On The Water

rocks on the water surrounded by ice

Rocks On The Water Surrounded By Ice

ice on the water breaking apart

Ice On The Water Breaking Apart

aerial view of a boat on icy water

Aerial View Of A Boat On Icy Water

aerial view of a boat surrounded by ice

Aerial View Of A Boat Surrounded By Ice

look down at frost covered rocks

Look Down At Frost Covered Rocks

ship stops the ice from floating away

Ship Stops The Ice From Floating Away

vertical view of ship against the ice

Vertical View Of Ship Against The Ice

old ship creating a barrier of ice

Old Ship Creating A Barrier Of Ice

rocks separating clear water and ice

Rocks Separating Clear Water And Ice

aerial view of a ship surrounded by ice

Aerial View Of A Ship Surrounded By Ice

hiking the mountains around the lake

Hiking The Mountains Around The Lake

the moment you've found a real fantasy world

The Moment You've Found A Real Fantasy World

a big thumbs up to boating!

A Big Thumbs Up To Boating!

black and white mountain by the water

Black And White Mountain By The Water

lake in the mountains at dusk

Lake In The Mountains At Dusk

snowy mountains reflected in still lake

Snowy Mountains Reflected In Still Lake

icy layers of winter shoreline

Icy Layers Of Winter Shoreline

steaming winter water under train bridge

Steaming Winter Water Under Train Bridge

illuminated clouds overlooking a clear lake

Illuminated Clouds Overlooking A Clear Lake

still lake reflects the landscape

Still Lake Reflects The Landscape

a small house overlooking a misty lake

A Small House OverLooking A Misty Lake

golden sunset over a broken pier

Golden Sunset Over A Broken Pier

a single house on the water overlooking a frozen landscape

A Single House On The Water Overlooking A Frozen Landscape

landscape frozen in winter beyond a calm lake

Landscape Frozen In Winter Beyond A Calm Lake

a view of a small lakeside town

A View Of A Small Lakeside Town

a man pushing a small boat across shallow waters

A Man Pushing A Small Boat Across Shallow Waters

aerial view of young man washing cattle

Aerial View Of Young Man Washing Cattle

people travelling on a small boat across the water

People Travelling On A Small Boat Across The Water

trees creating shadows on the water below

Trees Creating Shadows On The Water Below

reflection of rocks and trees on lake

Reflection Of Rocks And Trees On Lake

rocks and trees reflected on the calm lake

Rocks And Trees Reflected On The Calm Lake

clear freshwater through rocks

Clear Freshwater Through Rocks

canoe resting on small beach

Canoe Resting On Small BEach

drone photography of lakeside highway

Drone Photography Of Lakeside highway

long winter shadows aerial of skating pond

Long Winter Shadows Aerial Of Skating Pond

lakes and hills under clouded fall sky

Lakes And Hills Under Clouded Fall Sky

swimming handrails on dock at lake

Swimming Handrails on Dock At Lake

boats moored on dark water

Boats Moored On Dark Water

low view of a young woman running across dock

Low View Of A Young Woman Running Across Dock

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