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busy tech staff on laptops

Busy Tech Staff On Laptops

return button

Return Button

antique typewriter

Antique Typewriter

store owner checking on his orders

Store Owner Checking On His Orders

man sits with laptop

Man Sits With Laptop

woman reading notes

Woman Reading Notes

team shares a laugh in modern coworking space in india

Team Shares A Laugh In Modern Coworking Space In India

black friday workstation

Black Friday Workstation

laptop keyboard in red hue

Laptop Keyboard In Red Hue

office desk with hands taking notes

Office Desk With Hands Taking Notes

well dressed store owner checks on his online store

Well Dressed Store Owner Checks On His Online Store

photo of a person working at their white desk

Photo Of A Person Working At Their White Desk

delicate hands using laptops

Delicate Hands Using Laptops

work day essentials layed out

Work Day Essentials Layed Out

coworking space with laptops from above

Coworking Space With Laptops From Above

working on laptop surrounded by indoor plants

Working On Laptop Surrounded By Indoor Plants

office desk with piece of paper urging you to subscribe

Office Desk With Piece Of Paper Urging You To Subscribe

tablet with blue screen leans against a wall

Tablet With Blue Screen Leans Against A Wall

laptop with shopify sticker

Laptop With Shopify Sticker

person typing while wearing a smartwatch

Person Typing While Wearing A Smartwatch

instrument flatlay

Instrument Flatlay

a close up of hands typing on a keyboard

A Close Up Of Hands Typing On A Keyboard

young man in meeting going over reports

Young Man In Meeting Going Over Reports

coffee and camera

Coffee And Camera

resume checklist next to laptop

Resume Checklist Next To Laptop

a woman smiles at her laptop

A Woman Smiles At Her Laptop

backpack with books a map and tech falling out of it

Backpack With Books A Map And Tech Falling Out Of It

hand counting money in india

Hand Counting Money In India

laptop glowing in the dark

Laptop Glowing In The Dark

poolside using smart phone

Poolside Using Smart Phone

coffee in hand working on the couch close up

Coffee In Hand Working On The Couch Close Up

person carefully paints in a sketchbook

Person Carefully Paints In A Sketchbook

black friday on a typewriter machine

Black Friday On A Typewriter Machine

front facing view of clean desk and chair setup

Front Facing View Of Clean Desk And Chair Setup

women smil as they enjoy each other's conversation

Women Smil As They Enjoy Each Other's Conversation

laptop on a table

Laptop On A Table

scheduled routine on laptop screen

Scheduled Routine On Laptop Screen

close up of young woman checking her orders

Close Up Of Young Woman Checking Her Orders

silver keyboard on blue background

Silver Keyboard On Blue Background

window seat office

Window Seat Office

hands on laptop working on online store

Hands On Laptop Working On Online Store

black bag lays with items for school falling out of it

Black Bag Lays With Items For School Falling Out Of It

hand holds a pencil ready to write at a desk

Hand Holds A Pencil Ready To Write At A Desk

virtual interior design

Virtual Interior Design

woman working on laptop on patio

Woman working On Laptop On Patio

flatlay of coffee and computer on wooden surface

Flatlay Of Coffee And Computer On Wooden Surface

businesswoman in casual workspace

Businesswoman In Casual workspace

business woman footwear at the office

Business Woman Footwear At The office

yoga mat flatlay with laptop and water bottle

Yoga Mat Flatlay With Laptop And Water Bottle

you live you learn on a typewriter machine

You Live You Learn On A Typewriter Machine

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The History of Typing

It’s no secret that keyboards have their aesthetic roots in the typewriter - however, keyboards used in modern computing trace their technological roots back to teleprinters - an electromechanical typewriter that was used to send and receive typed messages.

It was through these devices that modern keyboards inherited their layouts. Teleprinter keyboards played an important role in communication through most of the 20th century. Throughout the 1940’s to 1960’s - teleprinter keyboards were vital when it came to data-entry, and when the first computers began development - this style of keyboard became integral to what were known then as computer terminals (a hardware device used to enter data into a computing system).

As computing started to develop further in the 1970’s to more video-based computer terminals, the keyboard remained the most common device for data entry. As the era of personal computing started to take shape in the 1980’s and 1990’s - the keyboard became an integral part of video-based computing.

Today, keyboards are an intrinsic part of computing - not just as a physical piece of hardware but even with smartphone and tablets - which have integrated virtual, touch-screen based data entry.

The Computer and Business

Today, computers and technology have become an integral part of the way a business is run. Even if your business is completely devoid of any tech-related enterprises - running a business without computers just isn’t possible in 2017. Computers are used for everything from inventory management, to advertising, to presentations - even basic peer-to-peer communication is primarily done on computers.

It’s for this reason that imagery of computers, laptops, mouse devices, and monitors works so well when branding a business as efficient and professional. Our free stock photos are great for company-wide flyers, job postings, and more! Give your next project some much needed flair with our HD downloadable pictures.

Mouse Devices, Keyboard and Laptop photos

If you’re an entrepreneur working in the tech industry - there’s nothing like a slick keyboard photo to give your advertising a visceral - realistic feel. At Burst - we’ve got a ton of computer and keyboard related photos for you to browse through.

Need a shot of a shiny new Apple laptop for a job landing page? Look no further! You’re next photo is just a mouse click away! Bursts collection of computer and office pictures make a great addition to any ad or web-page.