Jewelry photos

With our database of stunning jewelry photos - you can free yourself of the hassle of getting great product shots. All of our photos are high-definition and free to download for your next project or business venture.

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thin black choker necklace

Thin Black Choker Necklace

threader necklace closeup

Threader Necklace Closeup

woman looking up

Woman Looking Up

guardian angel earring closeup

Guardian Angel Earring Closeup

marble stud earrings

Marble Stud Earrings

origami crane necklace

Origami Crane Necklace

boho bangle bracelet

Boho Bangle Bracelet

marble earrings

Marble Earrings

gemstone jewelry

Gemstone Jewelry

inspired woman

Inspired Woman

gold bird necklace

Gold Bird Necklace

silver origami necklace

Silver Origami Necklace

gold arrow bracelet

Gold Arrow Bracelet

silver threader necklace

Silver Threader Necklace

delicate gold chain

Delicate Gold Chain

an engagment ring sits in a blue box

An Engagment Ring Sits In A Blue Box

women's necklace

Women's Necklace

dainty choker necklace

Dainty Choker Necklace

woman waiting

Woman Waiting

black choker necklace ad

Black Choker Necklace Ad

womens anchor bracelet

Womens Anchor Bracelet

friends celebrating with champagne

Friends Celebrating With Champagne

row of necklace chains close up

Row Of Necklace Chains Close Up

guardian angel earrings

Guardian Angel Earrings

chakra bracelet on marble

Chakra Bracelet On Marble

anchor bracelet for men

Anchor Bracelet For Men

white lace choker

White Lace Choker

white lace choker product photo

White Lace Choker Product Photo

anchor bracelet gold

Anchor Bracelet Gold

black buddha bracelet

Black Buddha Bracelet

chakra bracelet

Chakra Bracelet

long tied choker necklace

Long Tied Choker Necklace

a close up of hands typing on a keyboard

A Close Up Of Hands Typing On A Keyboard

bangle bracelet with jewels

Bangle Bracelet With Jewels

diamond and pearl crown tiara

Diamond And Pearl Crown Tiara

black floral choker necklace

Black Floral Choker Necklace

sun friendship bracelet

Sun Friendship Bracelet

close up of classic gold and leather watch

Close Up Of Classic Gold And Leather Watch

rose gold wedding ring

Rose Gold Wedding Ring

thick black lace choker

Thick Black Lace Choker

a tanned woman exhibits anklet on rocky seashore

A Tanned Woman Exhibits Anklet On Rocky Seashore

woman wearing charm bracelet

Woman Wearing Charm Bracelet

black choker gold bead

Black Choker Gold Bead

thick black leather choker necklace

Thick Black Leather Choker Necklace

gemstones and tools flatlay

Gemstones And Tools Flatlay

woman silhouette with pearl necklace

Woman Silhouette With Pearl Necklace

navy blue chakra bracelet

Navy Blue Chakra Bracelet

layered choker necklace

Layered Choker Necklace

choker with triangle

Choker With Triangle

gold necklace for women

Gold Necklace For Women

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Most everything you need to get started — photos, suppliers, and more

Stunning, HD Photos of Diamond Rings, Pictures of Bracelets and Fine Jewellery

When it comes to selling jewelry online there’s no greater asset that the perfect product shot. Compare a gorgeously high-definition image of gold glistening under rich, full light to a dull, lifeless bracelet sitting on a table. The two images can showcase the exact same product - but without truly putting the beauty of the products on display - potentials buyers might move on.

That’s why great imagery is so important when selling jewellery. With our database of stunning jewelry photos - you can free yourself of the hassle of getting great product shots. All of our photos are high-definition and free to download for your next project or business venture.

Tips for Taking Your Own Photos of Jewelry

For some business owners, the uniqueness of their pieces prevents them from being able to use stock photo imagery. With so many online merchants breaking into the emerging craft/DIY jewellery market, it’s just not possible to use stock images.

If you’re selling your own homemade jewelry - here are some tips to get the best shots of your beautiful products:

1. Focus on the Diamond, Gemstone or Watch Centerpiece

When photographing jewellery, it’s best to have your camera in “spot focus” mode which emphasizes the main subject and allows it to stand out from the background. When taking a shot of a diamond ring or rhinestone necklace - it’s best to have the most focus and clarity on the center of the piece so that it stands out from the rest of the product.

2. Gold Shimmers Under Soft Light

Normally soft (or “diffused”) lighting works best for shooting gold, diamond, silver and other glistening materials. On-camera flash never works particularly well with jewelly because it’s usually too bright at a close distance and can create a jarring mesh of unwanted brights spots and shadows. It’s best to use continuous lighting when photographing jewellery and to take notices of what level of lighting provides the best “shimmer” for the products.

3. Shoot Rings Close

This trues of all jewelry but especially true of diamond rings. You want to shoot from a close angle (about a foot away) - turned down slightly. This sort of angle will compliment your soft lighting and spot-focus and give you an image that sharpy catches the centre of your product.

4. Use a Tripod for Effective Jewelry Photography

A tripod or some form of camera support is a must when photographing jewellery. The reason is because when you’re this focused in on the image - even the slightest movements can cause the image to blur. A blurry image can come off as careless to your audience and will result in lost sales.