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staring up at three surgeons mid-operation

Staring Up At Three Surgeons Mid-Operation

a hospital patient stares out window of room

A Hospital Patient Stares Out Window Of Room

uncovered body in a morgue freezer

Uncovered Body In A Morgue Freezer

one surgeon passes another a scalpel

One Surgeon Passes Another A Scalpel

lifeless contents of a morgue freezer

Lifeless Contents Of A Morgue Freezer

holding up sample jar

Holding up Sample Jar

medical professional in scrubs holds bloody gauze and tools

Medical Professional In Scrubs Holds Bloody Gauze And Tools

a woman is visited by a doctor in hospital

A Woman Is Visited By A Doctor In hospital

a man sits on his hospital bed and stares at the ground

A Man Sits On His Hospital Bed And Stares At The Ground

morgue attendant closing a freezer

Morgue Attendant Closing A Freezer

a man propped up in hospital bed with hands crossed

A Man Propped Up In Hospital Bed With Hands Crossed

a doctor visits a woman in a hospital bed

A Doctor Visits A Woman In A Hospital Bed

a man in a gown in a hospital room

A Man In A Gown In A Hospital Room

a male hospital patient rests head on pillows in bed

A Male Hospital Patient Rests Head On Pillows In Bed

a man sat on a hospital bed silhouetted against the window

A Man Sat On A Hospital Bed Silhouetted Against The Window

a man in a hospital room stares down at the floor

A Man In A Hospital Room Stares Down At The Floor

a male patient lying in hospital bed

A Male Patient Lying In Hospital Bed

a man sits on his hospital bed and stares into the distance

A Man Sits On His Hospital Bed And Stares Into The Distance

a hospital patient sat in bed with his hands crossed

A Hospital Patient Sat In Bed With His Hands Crossed

an ice-cream sandwich and a glass of red juice

An Ice-Cream Sandwich And A Glass Of Red Juice

a glass tumbler of juice on a marble counter

A Glass Tumbler Of Juice On A Marble Counter

an ice cream sandwich and a glass of juice on a tray

An Ice Cream Sandwich And A Glass Of Juice On A Tray

opticians window

Opticians Window

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