Fun photos

Capturing the feeling of fun in photos isn't always easy - luckily we've got you covered. Browse our collection of fun photos, funny moments and celebratory events.

hand of cards on wood

Hand Of Cards On Wood

girl in dress

Girl In Dress

pineapple drink holder

Pineapple Drink Holder

portugal beach cliffs

Portugal Beach Cliffs

girl smiles on playground

Girl Smiles On Playground

looking dear

Looking Dear

family games night

Family Games Night

board walking

Board Walking

beer pong points

Beer Pong Points

toddler girl smiling

Toddler Girl Smiling

pug dog keeping warm

Pug Dog Keeping Warm

boy making sidewalk art

Boy Making Sidewalk Art

father plays with son and daughter

Father Plays With Son And Daughter

boy on climbing web

Boy On Climbing Web

concert audience

Concert Audience

kids and parents on carousel horses

Kids And Parents On Carousel Horses

rock concert audience

Rock Concert Audience

holding sidewalk chalk

Holding Sidewalk Chalk

laughing girl and mom on carousel

Laughing Girl And Mom On Carousel

girl blowing bubbles at park

Girl Blowing Bubbles At Park

boy at park

Boy At Park

share ice cream

Share Ice Cream

summer smiles by the water

Summer Smiles By The Water

cheers usa

Cheers USA

adult baseball game

Adult Baseball Game

stacking block tower game

Stacking Block Tower Game

black brown goat

Black Brown Goat

game night property game

Game Night Property Game

father playing with his kids

Father Playing With His Kids

ice cream truck

Ice Cream Truck

cheers canada

Cheers Canada

surrounded by watermelon

Surrounded By Watermelon

poker game night with friends

Poker Game Night With Friends

ocean waves kites surfing

Ocean Waves Kites Surfing

beer pong setup

Beer Pong Setup

ski resort crowd

Ski Resort Crowd

father and daughter having fun

Father And Daughter Having Fun

goat laughing

Goat Laughing

father having lots of fun with his kids

Father Having Lots Of Fun With His Kids

kids push mom on swing

Kids Push Mom On Swing

three friends candid laughing

Three Friends Candid Laughing

block tower game falling on games night

Block Tower Game Falling On Games Night

fallen block tower game

Fallen Block Tower Game

summer drinking games

Summer Drinking Games

block from the middle being put on top

Block From The Middle Being Put On Top

slide ride at night

Slide Ride At Night

games night moving blocks from tower

Games Night Moving Blocks From Tower

giant colorful slide

Giant Colorful Slide

games night block tower

Games Night Block Tower

kids sand castle

Kids Sand Castle

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Capturing Fun in Photography

Itā€™s not always easy to capture the feeling of fun in photography. A ton of photographers have gone down the route of snapping shots at a fun event like a wedding or concert - only to have their scenes appear staged and wooden. You might be at the most exciting show of all time - but the act of stopping everyone for a moment and turning them to the camera to snap a quick pic is always going to look like a chore sandwiched between the fun moments you should be capturing.

Candidness is often the best way to instantly capture fun - but even this can be a bit tricky. For one, when snapping candid photos itā€™s very difficult to get the exact, funny images you want. Someone might be turned away or the lighting might not be quite right. Framing is trickier - plus, thereā€™s always random, unpredictable occurrences with candid photography like the weather.

Luckily, weā€™ve got you covered. Here are some tips for taking fun, candid photos at your next event.

Avoiding awkward moments

It might be funny to snap a shot of someone else in a vulnerable moment. Maybe theyā€™re in the middle of chewing on a jelly donut or telling a funny story. Of course you want to get a shot of someone in an animated position like that - but just remember that with funny images, timing is everything. A split-second can be the difference between an interesting, funny photo and one thatā€™s just embarrassing and awkward for the subject.

This is why itā€™s better to use a semi-automatic mode on your camera. Most cameras will have ā€œburstā€ mode (sometimes referred to as aperture priority mode or shutter priority mode) that will take a rapid series of pictures instantly and automatically to capture each step of a moment. This works best for fun, candid photos because you can go through the photographs and select the one that best captures the moment.

Create a scene with a zoom and auto-focus mode

When youā€™re taking candid pictures at an event - your framing, timing and situation is always changing. Generally you wonā€™t have time to switch between lenses or reposition yourself - so itā€™s best to use a zoom lens that covers a wide range. This will allow you to quickly adjust the zoom and framing of your subject in situations where speed is important. Most cameras will also come equipped with an auto-focus mode that will focus the camera automatically on a subject based on movement. This is usually best to use in candid situation because you donā€™t always have control over the movement of your subjects and their surroundings.

Be Confident

Itā€™s important to be bold when going after candid, funny moments. With things like timing and positioning being so important, there isnā€™t time to second-guess yourself. You can certainly ask subjects if you can take their picture if youā€™re not sure if theyā€™d feel comfortable with it - but always have the bravery to ask. Youā€™re never going to get the perfect shot of a funny image without taking those shots in the first place.