Emotion and Mood pictures

Get in the mood with Burst’s free stock images. Whatever emotion you’re looking for - from smiling happy faces to sad frowns to red hot anger - we’ve got you covered. Browse our gallery of free mood pictures. All our photographs are free to download and use on your next commercial project.

woman in face mask stands on a hiking trail

Woman In Face Mask Stands On A Hiking Trail

woman smiles at golden hour into a camera

Woman Smiles At Golden Hour Into A Camera

young woman looks up

Young Woman Looks Up

grey sweater and outerwear

Grey Sweater And Outerwear

soft gaze

Soft Gaze

woman smiles looking over shoulder holding a water bottle

Woman Smiles Looking Over Shoulder Holding A Water Bottle

female photographer holds up her camera

Female Photographer Holds Up Her Camera

woman rests her head on a man shoulder

Woman Rests Her Head On A Man Shoulder

a woman with closed eyes surrounded by sunflowers

A Woman With Closed Eyes Surrounded By Sunflowers

couple walks together through a forest scene

Couple Walks Together Through A Forest Scene

portrait of a person in colored light

Portrait Of A Person In Colored Light

person leans forward while sitting in front of geometric wall

Person Leans Forward While Sitting In Front Of Geometric Wall

brown eyes of a person wearing a face mask

Brown Eyes Of A Person Wearing A Face Mask

two people take a selfie outdoors while wearing blue facemasks

Two People Take A Selfie Outdoors While Wearing Blue Facemasks

portrait of a woman wearing business attire

Portrait Of A Woman Wearing Business Attire

a young family sitting together on a beige couch

A Young Family Sitting Together On A Beige Couch

woman smiles as she looks at her cellphone

Woman Smiles As She Looks At Her Cellphone

women holds a mug and looks to the left

Women Holds A Mug And Looks To The Left

a person surrounded by birds smiles for the camera

A Person Surrounded By Birds Smiles For The Camera

silhouetted profile of a person

Silhouetted Profile Of A Person

monochrome portrait of a woman holding hand to her chin

Monochrome Portrait Of A Woman Holding Hand To Her Chin

portrait of a woman in a blue and white suit

Portrait Of A Woman In A Blue And White Suit

summer portrait of a young adult

Summer Portrait Of A Young Adult

portrait of a person with yellow bokeh around them

Portrait Of A Person With Yellow Bokeh Around Them

monochrome portrait of woman holding her hand out

Monochrome Portrait Of Woman Holding Her Hand Out

silhouetted person running hand through their hair

Silhouetted Person Running Hand Through Their Hair

portrait of a woman wearing bold white sunglasses

Portrait Of A Woman Wearing Bold White Sunglasses

talking over coffee in an outdoor patio

Talking Over Coffee In An Outdoor Patio

laughter and coffee in a cafe

Laughter And Coffee In A Cafe

portrait of a person sat near a rust colored wall

Portrait Of A Person Sat Near A Rust Colored Wall

a person standing by a white cement wall

A Person Standing By A White Cement Wall

silhouetted person holding one hand in front

Silhouetted Person Holding One Hand In Front

a person looks over their shoulder facing camera

A Person Looks Over Their Shoulder Facing Camera

woman looks at the camera over bold black sunglasses

Woman Looks At The Camera Over Bold Black Sunglasses

couple sitting on couch with coffees

Couple Sitting On Couch With Coffees

a close up portait of someone holding their hand out

A Close Up Portait Of Someone Holding Their Hand Out

couple sits on patio laughing

Couple Sits On Patio Laughing

person looks behind them while hiking up a hill

Person Looks Behind Them While Hiking Up A Hill

a hand over one eye as the other looks into the camera

A Hand Over One Eye As The Other Looks Into The Camera

close up of two peoples faces close together

Close Up Of Two Peoples Faces Close Together

woman with bold sunglasses poses for the camera

Woman With Bold Sunglasses Poses For The Camera

person in bold black sunglasses with hand to their cheek

Person In Bold Black Sunglasses With Hand To Their Cheek

woman in round sunglasses smiles wide

Woman In Round Sunglasses Smiles Wide

moody close up of mans face looking down

Moody Close Up Of Mans Face Looking Down

woman in large black sunglasses and a green shirt

Woman In Large Black Sunglasses And A Green Shirt

close up of a mans face in frame

Close Up Of A Mans Face In Frame

close up of person in plaid looking down

Close Up Of Person In Plaid Looking Down

woman in sunglasses sits on stone steps

Woman In Sunglasses Sits On Stone Steps

woman in glasses looks up to the right

Woman In Glasses Looks Up To The Right

woman in blue smiles and leans back outdoors

Woman In Blue Smiles And Leans Back Outdoors

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