DIY Photos

Dig into our gallery of craft and DIY photography. Everything from of homemade collages to handmade wooden frames, paper decor, gifts and decorations.

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knitting needles and yarn on a wooden table

Knitting Needles And Yarn On A Wooden Table

moose and gnome meet over pine cones

Moose And Gnome Meet Over Pine Cones

santa on blank chalkboard

Santa On Blank Chalkboard

hot metal ball

Hot Metal Ball

small gnome with his hand on a camera

Small Gnome With His Hand On A Camera

violet soap with leaves

Violet Soap With Leaves

home made soap bar closeup

Home Made Soap Bar Closeup

pink cat embroidery project

Pink Cat Embroidery Project

wooden craft table set up for watercolors

Wooden Craft Table Set Up For Watercolors

artists colorful paint brush collection laid out

Artists Colorful Paint Brush Collection Laid Out

three paper woven carrots

Three Paper Woven Carrots

jewlers organized rotary tool accesories

Jewlers Organized Rotary Tool Accesories

flatlay of dyed paint brushes laying on black surface

Flatlay Of Dyed Paint Brushes Laying On Black Surface

sewing scissors cutting thread

Sewing Scissors Cutting Thread

natural soap bar

Natural Soap Bar

the word help spelled out with plastic miniatures

The Word Help Spelled Out With Plastic Miniatures

sewing machine needle

Sewing Machine Needle

rose flower embroidery craft

Rose Flower Embroidery Craft

jewelry findings and tools

Jewelry Findings And Tools

melting metal

Melting Metal

artist paint brushes on a black surface

Artist Paint Brushes On A Black Surface

close up blue and pink balls create a heart

Close Up Blue And Pink Balls Create A Heart

close up of different colored beads on white background

Close Up Of Different Colored Beads On White Background

measuring tape thread and tags

Measuring Tape Thread And Tags

buttons and mason jar

Buttons And Mason Jar

sharp colored pencils lined up in a row

Sharp Colored Pencils Lined Up In A Row

carved gold and silver scissors lay on a white fabric

Carved Gold And Silver Scissors Lay On A White Fabric

deconstructed jewelry

Deconstructed Jewelry

colorful beaded bracelets on a beige background

Colorful Beaded Bracelets On A Beige Background

handcrafted goodness sign on stone

Handcrafted Goodness Sign On Stone

colorful beads on white

Colorful Beads On White

flatlay of painting supplies and books with dried flowers

Flatlay Of Painting Supplies And Books With Dried Flowers

red and green cedar holiday flatlay

Red And Green Cedar Holiday Flatlay

fiery ring

Fiery Ring

colored pencils lines up on a black background

Colored Pencils Lines Up On A Black Background

shop now diagonal sign on wood

Shop Now Diagonal Sign On Wood

crafting with fire

Crafting With Fire

three colored spools of ribbon

Three Colored Spools Of Ribbon

heating metal with blowtorch

Heating Metal With Blowtorch

flatlay of clean paint brushes on a black surface

Flatlay Of Clean Paint Brushes On A Black Surface

ends of colored pencils lines up

Ends Of Colored Pencils Lines Up

woman deftly knits white yarn

Woman Deftly Knits White Yarn

close-up of handheld tools

Close-up Of Handheld Tools

wood handle paint brush set

Wood Handle Paint Brush Set

orange hearts planted in green grass with messages on them

Orange Hearts Planted In Green Grass With Messages On Them

beading work on purple fabric sat on white table

Beading Work On Purple Fabric Sat On White Table

cat shape needle and thread

Cat Shape Needle And Thread

handmade soap

Handmade Soap

using a ring sizer

Using A Ring Sizer

hard crafted goodness diagonal on marble

Hard Crafted Goodness Diagonal On Marble

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Gorgeous Photos of Crafts and DIY Projects

Get crafty with our gallery of homemade items and DIY projects

There’s never been a better time to take up a new hobby. With the advent of the internet - mountains of knowledge about creating everything from paper airplanes to butler robots is available at the tips of your fingers. The only thing you need is time and a undying passion for learning a new skill.

Maybe that’s what makes the DIY movement so profoundly popular right now. It seems like everywhere you look on the internet - new handcrafted jewellery stores, homemade wall decor shops, and designer wooden frame dealers are popping up and cashing in.

The History of the DIY Movement

Although the term DIY has been in use since the 1950s - the DIY movement itself is relatively new. Its roots can be traced back to publications in the 1970s like the Whole Earth Catalog which would instruct users on how to renovate old homes in an environmentally sustainable way.

Magazines in the 1970’s like Popular Mechanics and Mechanix Illustrated began offering methods and instructions on practical home renovation and DIY decorations for home improvement. On top of this - many instructional books and videos were created around this time teaching people the same sustainable and easy home-renovation techniques as well as different hobbies - such as wood working, knitting, crochet, sewing and ceramics.

However it wasn’t until the advent of the internet that the DIY movement morphed from a practical way of managing one’s home into a creative enterprise. As a movement - DIY was most popular with punk bands in the 1970s. Bands would not only record and mass-produce their own music - but would produce flyers, zines, and other merchandise to promote their music. Today - you can see an extension of this enterprise in bands that build followings on sites such as Bandcamp and Soundcloud - and sell merchandise using tools like Shopify and Printful.

Turning Handmade Crafts into Cold, Hard Cash

It’s not just bands and artists that have taken on the DIY movement. The entrepreneurial spirit of the internet has made it easy to turn any hobby or creative outlet into a career. For example if you were a creator of hand-crafted jewellry - there was a time when you may have been relegated to flea markets and street-selling. But in 2017 - things have changed.

Today, you can post a collage of your work to sites like Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook - build a following for your artwork and crafts and set-up an online store to sell your projects quickly and easily and all from the comfort of your home.

Whatever your passion - our collection of free photographs of homemade crafts and DIY projects might just be the perfect addition to your latest endeavor.