Cooking photos

Browse our gallery of cooking and baking images. From chefs preparing ingredients in the kitchen to bakers sifting flour - all our images are free to download and use on your next commercial project!

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extra chocolate chocolate cake

Extra Chocolate Chocolate Cake

chestnuts lined up in a flatlay

Chestnuts Lined Up In A Flatlay

italian meatballs with toast

Italian Meatballs With Toast

child makes cookies

Child Makes Cookies

rainbow measuring cups

Rainbow Measuring Cups

noodles with salmon and egg

Noodles With Salmon And Egg

minimal blue plate of food and a place setting

Minimal Blue Plate Of Food And A Place Setting

close up blue and pink balls create a heart

Close Up Blue And Pink Balls Create A Heart

painted nails and baking

Painted Nails And Baking

knife and half a bell pepper

Knife And Half A Bell Pepper

baker kneading out dough

Baker Kneading Out Dough

fruit and veggies angle view

Fruit And Veggies Angle View

cake on pink table

Cake On Pink Table

fall leaf cookies in the kitchen

Fall Leaf Cookies In The Kitchen

some beautifully packaged macarons

Some Beautifully Packaged Macarons

a tray of roasted chickpeas

A Tray Of Roasted Chickpeas

a row of hot red peppers

A Row Of Hot Red Peppers

plum cake in a silver cake tray

Plum Cake In A Silver Cake Tray

yellow purple and cream macarons

Yellow Purple And Cream Macarons

chocolate brownie in tray

Chocolate Brownie In Tray

Handwritten Cookbook Lays Open To The Cake Section In A Wooden Surface

Handwritten Cookbook Lays Open On A Wooden Surface

stacked croissant sliced in half showing fluffy pastry

Stacked Croissant Sliced In Half Showing Fluffy Pastry

plate of macarons on a wicker tray

Plate Of Macarons On A Wicker Tray

carrot gradient with greens

Carrot Gradient With Greens

two people make cookies in there home kitchen

Two People Make Cookies In There Home Kitchen

eight bagels on a silver metal cooling rack

Eight Bagels On A Silver Metal Cooling Rack

flax seeds in wooden spoon

Flax Seeds In Wooden Spoon

classic german foods in restaurant

Classic German Foods In Restaurant

star cookie with green icing and sprinkles

Star Cookie With Green Icing And Sprinkles

fruit topped pancakes to start the day

Fruit Topped Pancakes To Start The Day

bbq chicken wrap

Bbq Chicken Wrap

slices of homemade pizza with olives on a green plate

Slices Of Homemade Pizza With Olives On A Green Plate

beetroot salad with garlic and parsley

Beetroot Salad With Garlic And Parsley

preparing food with gloves

Preparing Food With Gloves

close up of fresh bread

Close Up Of Fresh Bread

Stacked Cheeseburger On Yellow Background

Stacked Cheeseburger On Yellow Background

a woman with a bowl of tomatoes and peppers

A Woman With A Bowl Of Tomatoes And Peppers

styled plate with pastry on a white plate ready to serve

Styled Plate With Pastry On A White Plate Ready To Serve

bagels on wire rack

Bagels On Wire Rack

vegetables on wood surface flatlay

Vegetables On Wood Surface Flatlay

gold and marbled wedding cake

Gold And Marbled Wedding Cake

cookie with red icing and green and red sprinkles

Cookie With Red Icing And Green And Red Sprinkles

close up of a tray of croissants in a shop window

Close Up Of A Tray Of Croissants In A Shop Window

pair of busy hands molding white dough

Pair Of Busy Hands Molding White Dough

egg on burlap close up

Egg On Burlap Close Up

piece of salmon on the grill

Piece Of Salmon On The Grill

pepper and chilli flakes

Pepper And Chilli Flakes

macarons with blurred lights

Macarons With Blurred Lights

person puts cookies into the oven to bake

Person Puts Cookies Into The Oven To Bake

yellow purple pink and cream macarons

Yellow Purple Pink And Cream Macarons

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Cooking photography to whet your appetite

Hungry for appetizing cooking photos? Think of this as your very own, all-you-can-download cooking images buffet. Our HD collection include images of ingredients from your favorite meals alongside pictures of creative dishes and delicious sides.

You’ll find pictures of chefs using all their senses; touch, smell, taste, sight, and sound, in order to prepare masterpieces in the kitchen. You’ll also find pictures of bakers losing themselves in focus as they attentively cook up a tantalizing meal.

For some, the flow of cooking is a meditative experience. Cooking helps them relax and unwind. For others, cooking is an art form and they treat the meals they prepare as a canvas. Every chop, stir and taste representing a stroke of a paintbrush. Some people love to nurture their friends and family through cooking, as a way of showing them their love and care.

In this age of fast food and technology, we can all appreciate when time and care go into the food we eat. Our gallery captures the most telling, passionate and inspiring cooking moments. So, whether you’re a loving mother with a blog, or an international chain of restaurants looking to add high-quality imagery to your sales and marketing assets, our expertly captured images are perfect.

Free for commercial and personal use, you can modify, print and publish our images without worrying about attribution. Just be sure to keep checking back for more culinary photography — because we’re always expanding our collection.