Celebration & party pictures

High-resolution stock photos for all of life's special moments — from birthday cakes to anniversary gifts & graduation bouquets. All pics are royalty-free.

friends seat dancing in suits

Friends Seat Dancing In Suits

extra chocolate cake

Extra Chocolate Cake

dressed up men chair dancing

Dressed Up Men Chair Dancing

a christmas package being wrapped

A Christmas Package Being Wrapped

santa holds his bag of toys

Santa Holds His Bag Of Toys

cake in a corner

Cake In A Corner

red velvet delight

Red Velvet Delight

nearly finished slice of cheesecake

Nearly Finished Slice Of Cheesecake

chocolate cake on linen

Chocolate Cake On Linen

photobombing cake

Photobombing Cake

red velvet in black room

Red Velvet In Black Room

hand holding small cake

Hand Holding Small Cake

cake on pink table

Cake On Pink Table

close up of celebration cake

Close Up Of Celebration Cake

balloon ride with a view

Balloon Ride With A View

cake decoration

Cake Decoration

santa fixes the bow on a gift

Santa Fixes The Bow On A Gift

red women's shoes and christmas decorations on the floor

Red Women's Shoes And Christmas Decorations On The Floor

women sipping cocktails in a white room

Women Sipping Cocktails In A White Room

yay santa!

Yay Santa!

hot air balloons over rocky landscape

Hot Air Balloons Over Rocky Landscape

santa celebrates!

Santa Celebrates!

santa shows a newly wrapped gfit

Santa Shows A Newly Wrapped Gfit

hot air balloons above landscape

Hot Air Balloons Above Landscape

hot air balloons hovering in the sky

Hot Air Balloons Hovering In The Sky

a wedding dessert table

A Wedding Dessert Table

white cake on black cake stand

White Cake On Black Cake Stand

sunrise creeps over the horizon

Sunrise Creeps Over The Horizon

wedding feast menu on a table

Wedding Feast Menu On A Table

pastry store showcase

Pastry Store Showcase

white cake on a black cake stand

White Cake On A Black Cake Stand

sunrise over mountainous landscape

Sunrise Over Mountainous Landscape

single hot air balloon in the air

Single Hot Air Balloon In The Air

two tier white wedding cake

Two Tier White Wedding Cake

sunrise over rocky vista

Sunrise Over Rocky Vista

top view of two tier cake

Top View Of Two Tier Cake

layered cake with decorative napkin

Layered Cake With Decorative Napkin

shy couple kisses behind balloons

Shy Couple Kisses Behind Balloons

sprinkles on a chocolate cake with plate

Sprinkles On A Chocolate Cake With Plate

macro image of cake sprinkles

Macro Image Of Cake Sprinkles

close up of candles lit on chocolate cake

Close Up Of Candles Lit On Chocolate Cake

candles on an illuminated chocolate cake

Candles On An Illuminated Chocolate Cake

candles lit on chocolate cake

Candles Lit On Chocolate Cake

single candle on birthday cake

Single Candle On Birthday Cake

ornate white birthday cake

Ornate White Birthday Cake

womans hand liting birthday candles

Womans Hand Liting Birthday Candles

a woman lits a single birthday candle

A Woman Lits A Single Birthday Candle

bride holding out white wedding cake

Bride Holding Out White Wedding Cake

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