Blue Images

If you're looking for vividly blue photography, you've come to the right place. Our professional photographers have gone to great lengths to capture a range of objects and landscapes that incorporate different shades of blue and turquoise. From deep blue oceans to clear blue skies, you'll find what you're looking for in this royalty-free collection.

a rocky perspective

A Rocky Perspective

the slow invasion

The Slow Invasion

blue ink explosion

Blue Ink Explosion

woman in red by the sea

Woman In Red By The Sea

teal and pink abstract forms in water

Teal And Pink Abstract Forms In Water

bright blue sky dotted with fluffy white clouds

Bright Blue Sky Dotted With Fluffy White Clouds

standing by a window in heels

Standing By A Window In Heels

boots on blue

Boots On Blue

resting by a window in heels

Resting By A Window In Heels

open toe boots against a blue background

Open Toe Boots Against A Blue Background

close up of a white flower on a blue background

Close Up Of A White Flower On A Blue Background

teal hot air balloon framed by puffy white clouds and blue sky

Teal Hot Air Balloon Framed By Puffy White Clouds and Blue Sky

aquamarine hot air balloon rises into puffy clouds

Aquamarine Hot Air Balloon Rises Into Puffy Clouds

teal hot air balloon floats up into white puffy clouds

Teal Hot Air Balloon Floats Up Into White Puffy Clouds

a phone on a blue background with 'contact us'

A Phone On A Blue Background With 'Contact Us'

city from the sea

City From The Sea

public market sign

Public Market Sign

lone swan on dark water

Lone Swan On Dark Water

a sunlit bridge framed by city silhouette

A Sunlit Bridge Framed By City Silhouette

rocky coastline town with clear sea

Rocky Coastline Town With Clear Sea

boats docked by wooden pier

Boats Docked By Wooden Pier

single rock in shallow sea

Single Rock In Shallow Sea

small rocky pier on calm blue sea

Small Rocky Pier On Calm Blue Sea

long wooden pier on blue ocean

Long Wooden Pier On Blue Ocean

big ocean wave under blue sky

Big Ocean Wave Under Blue Sky

modern architecture curve with windows

Modern Architecture Curve With Windows

blue lollipop on black

Blue Lollipop On Black

lush green on rocky hills near ocean

Lush Green On Rocky Hills Near Ocean

cloudy blue sky through bright green leaves

Cloudy Blue Sky Through Bright Green Leaves

cane sugar fields under bright blue sky

Cane Sugar Fields Under Bright Blue Sky

tea for two

Tea For Two

tea cup and teaspoon

Tea Cup And Teaspoon

loose leaf tea brewed on purple

Loose Leaf Tea Brewed On Purple

modern condo building under bright blue sky

Modern Condo Building Under Bright Blue Sky

clear water glass reflecting on blue

Clear Water Glass Reflecting On Blue

rustic water tower

Rustic Water Tower

metal bridge beams with blue sky

Metal Bridge Beams With Blue Sky

flowers in toaster

Flowers In Toaster

bright blue sky over oregon forest

Bright Blue Sky Over Oregon Forest

bright blue bird houses

Bright Blue Bird Houses

brick building with blue detail

Brick Building With Blue Detail

blue sky and small lush island

Blue Sky And Small Lush Island

blue skies over rocky hill silhouette

Blue Skies Over Rocky Hill Silhouette

bright blue water and mountain side highway

Bright Blue Water And Mountain Side Highway

pink lipstick through bright blue paper

Pink Lipstick Through Bright Blue Paper

ukulele on blue background

Ukulele On Blue Background

backlit wire roof

Backlit Wire Roof

blue bell shaped flowers

Blue Bell Shaped Flowers

hand holding trophy

Hand Holding Trophy

rusty bike parked on boardwalk

Rusty Bike Parked On Boardwalk

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