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Frequently asked questions

What types of photos are you looking for?

Burst's main audience consists of modern entrepreneurs and creatives. Photos that are useful for them tend to perform the best. These include horizontal images that are either a flat lay composition, feature white space for text, tell a story, have an entrepreneurial focus or are holiday/seasonal in subject matter.

What will you not accept?

Burst does not currently accept images that: - Contain a watermark or a copyright - Need a legal model or a location release - Prominently feature a brand or logo - Contain content deemed inappropriate or offensive for Burst

Will I get credit when people use my photos?

Burst encourages and promotes crediting photographers whenever possible. Whenever a photo is downloaded, we give users a credit link-back copy, which provides attribution to the original photographer.

I’ve submitted some of my photos, but have not heard back. Why?

We receive a lot of submissions each week, so we appreciate your patience as our team reviews them! If your images are approved, we'll be in touch as soon as we can.

How can Shopify merchants and potential clients contact me?

If you’re approved, Shopify merchants and potential clients can contact you via the “Hire photographer” button on your profile page.

What are the technical requirements for photos that I submit to Burst?

Photos being submitted to Burst should meet the following technical requirements:

  • Taken with a professional camera that shoots at least 12MP
  • At least 1920 pixels in height or width
  • .JPG format
  • Saved for web in sRGB color space

What license will my approved photos be under?

Approved photos will be made available on Burst under the Burst License or under the Creative Commons Zero license, as determined by Shopify from time to time. With either license, images are available for download, reuse, and editing by anyone in accordance with our terms of service. Shopify may change how it licenses the approved photos, so please ensure you comply with the terms of the license currently associated with the photos you are using.

To learn more about how photo licensing works on Burst, read through our terms of service.

What can my photos be used for?

Photos on Burst can be used for just about anything. They are usually used for design assets and marketing promotions. This includes Facebook ads, social media cover photos, book covers, website headers, blog posts and more. They cannot be used to replicate Burst’s services, be sold as downloadable files or falsely portrayed to be the original work of another party. Please ensure you comply with our terms of service when using the photos.

I noticed my photos did not get approved. Why?

Usually photos do not get approved due to:

  • Not meeting Burst’s technical requirements
  • Low image quality
  • Not being relevant for our audience
  • Logos or brands are present
  • Requiring a model/location release

This does not mean your photos are not amazing! It just means what you submitted is not a fit for Burst right now. In the event that your photos do not get approved, you can always apply again with a different set of photos. Check out our Submission Guidelines for more details on what we are and are not looking for!