Beach pictures

Relax in our sunny collection of beach photos. Youā€™ll find royalty-free images of stunning seaside sunsets, white sand beaches, clear blue oceans, powerful waves, beach pictures with people, starfish, conch shells, seashells, boats, and more.

beautiful beach in portugal

Beautiful Beach In Portugal

woman wades in ocean at sunset

Woman Wades In Ocean At Sunset

beach sunset thailand

Beach Sunset Thailand

red and blue shoreline iphone screen

Red And Blue Shoreline Iphone Screen

beach towel in wind

Beach Towel In Wind

friends laughing on beach

Friends Laughing On Beach

beautiful day at the beach

Beautiful Day At The Beach

heart in the sand

Heart In The Sand

laying on the beach

Laying On The Beach

beach boardwalk selfie

Beach Boardwalk Selfie

beach sunset

Beach Sunset

waves crashing on beach

Waves Crashing On Beach

puppy at the beach

Puppy At The Beach

woman watches waves

Woman Watches Waves

river stone texture

River Stone Texture

love written in stones

Love Written In Stones

stone sculptures on beach

Stone Sculptures On Beach

boardwalk by the ocean

Boardwalk By The Ocean

blue beach waves

Blue Beach Waves

ocean waves crashing

Ocean Waves Crashing

coconut drink on beach

Coconut Drink On Beach

beach party balloons

Beach Party Balloons

beach pals

Beach Pals

beach sunset silhouettes

Beach Sunset Silhouettes

seaweed washed up on beach

Seaweed Washed Up On Beach

beach sand footprints

Beach Sand Footprints

beach sun reflections

Beach Sun Reflections

woman swims in ocean

Woman Swims In Ocean

dreamy beach landscape

Dreamy Beach Landscape

autumn shore

Autumn Shore

feet in beach sand

Feet In Beach Sand

the active beach

The Active Beach

summer beach smiles

Summer Beach Smiles

hot sunset over water

Hot Sunset Over Water

beach party with champagne

Beach Party With Champagne

beach smiles

Beach Smiles

travel written in sand

Travel Written In Sand

lakeside beach chairs

Lakeside Beach Chairs

cool friends & hot sand

Cool Friends & Hot Sand

warm sunny palmtrees

Warm Sunny Palmtrees

beach waves through trees

Beach Waves Through Trees

adventure written in sand

Adventure Written In Sand

hands peace sign in water

Hands Peace Sign In Water

margaritas on the beach

Margaritas On The Beach

woman watching beach sunrise

Woman Watching Beach Sunrise

green bike by water

Green Bike By Water

friends sunbathing

Friends Sunbathing

pineapple at the beach

Pineapple At The Beach

private holiday beach

Private Holiday Beach

surfer carrying board

Surfer Carrying Board

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Stunning Beach Pictures and Travel Photography

Travel photography is one of the most interesting genres of photographic journalism. As far as the subjects covered - the genre is one of the most open. Travel photographers are visual artists who specialize in capturing the essence of a time and place through the lens of a visitor observing a location and its culture.

From wide-shots of white sand beaches to action shots of intense weather patterns to serene photos of your personal tropical paradise complete with stunning shots of beach-fronts and surfs - travel photography is a truly diverse and fascinating art

Turning Your Vacation Photos into Art

The art of travel photography is so much more than simply snapping shots on location. Framing, timing, color and composition all have a significant role to play in truly capturing the character of your location.

Framing a Tropical Island

When photographers talk about ā€œframingā€ an image theyā€™re talking about using the objects around the subject youā€™re capturing to situate them and draw the viewerā€™s attention to them. Surrounding palm trees, rocks, branches and even doors or windows are great way to do this. Youā€™ll want to be mindful of what surrounds your subject and use it to your advantage.

For example - maybe youā€™re on the ocean in the middle of the caribbean snapping shots of bottlenose dolphins bouncing up and down over the water. A stagnant shot of this scene would be great - but what might really put the photo over-the-edge would be managing to frame the dolphin against the backdrop of a tropical island or even the decor of the boat.

Colors of the Surf and the Ocean

Color is an important aspect in any photography - but in travel photography itā€™s especially important. Remember that the colors in your photographs can set the mood and convey the character of the location.

If youā€™re snapping shots of a tropical surf in Hawaii for example - it would make sense to use bright, saturated blues, yellows, and pinks. Whereas if youā€™re photographing the country-side of Scotland - more muted greys and soft greens would make more sense.

Itā€™s no secret that colors opposite each other on the color wheel]( play well together - but with photographs of real scenes, youā€™re not able to alter the colours of objects (at least not until post-production). Similar to framing - finding the right colours to play off each other is about having an artistic eye and being able to spot scenes and compositions in real life that can play off each other.

When travelling - you want to keep an eye out for scenes with contrasting colours that you can incorporate into your shots. Beaches, surfs, islands, cities and nature reserves are great places to find colours that naturally play off of each other.