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urban alley china

Urban Alley China

thai dragon stair railing

Thai Dragon Stair Railing

elephant peek-a-boo

Elephant Peek-A-Boo

sunlight illuminating japanese cemetery

Sunlight Illuminating Japanese Cemetery

close-up of elephant feet

Close-Up Of Elephant Feet

large snow capped mountain reflected in a blue lake

Large Snow Capped Mountain Reflected In A Blue Lake

water is poured from one teapot to another

Water Is Poured From One Teapot To Another

pink blossoms over crumbling walls

Pink Blossoms Over Crumbling Walls

scooter parking rows

Scooter Parking Rows

sunsets over thailand mountains

Sunsets Over Thailand Mountains

aged hands walking stick and apron

Aged Hands Walking Stick And Apron

unique multi-level roof

Unique Multi-Level Roof

woman admires valley view

Woman Admires Valley View

man pays respects before entering a minka

Man Pays Respects Before Entering A Minka

round temple with detailed decor

Round Temple With Detailed Decor

clay teapot on the table

Clay Teapot On The Table

view of village below mountains

View Of Village Below Mountains

rocky cliff plateau vantage point

Rocky Cliff Plateau Vantage Point

sunrises under a stone bridge creating a pink sky

Sunrises Under A Stone Bridge Creating A Pink Sky

straw chinese ornaments

Straw Chinese Ornaments

colorful fall trees and a white building peaking out

Colorful Fall Trees And A White Building Peaking Out

mountainside valley

Mountainside Valley

view of a mountain and white rooftops from above

View Of A Mountain And White Rooftops From Above

cupped hands hold two small japanese maple leaves

Cupped Hands Hold Two Small Japanese Maple Leaves

a wooden box of trinkets

A Wooden Box Of Trinkets

golden lettering on a red temple

Golden Lettering On A Red Temple

bridge over still water reaches to a large snowy mountain

Bridge Over Still Water Reaches To A Large Snowy Mountain

top of a white building with green roof tops

Top Of A White Building With Green Roof Tops

person in kimono faces away from the camera

Person In Kimono Faces Away From The Camera

city side street in vietnam

City Side Street In Vietnam

cyclist taking a leisurely ride through street

Cyclist Taking A Leisurely Ride Through Street

yellow building sits on a lake surrounded by trees

Yellow Building Sits On A Lake Surrounded By Trees

two people smile holding umbrellas on a walkway

Two People Smile Holding Umbrellas On A Walkway

buildings line lake side with mountains

Buildings Line Lake Side With Mountains

teapot without the lid on the white plate

Teapot Without The Lid On The White Plate

winding thailand canyon

Winding Thailand Canyon

church tower in china

Church Tower In China

people walk down wide pathway surrounded by trees

People Walk Down Wide Pathway Surrounded By Trees

a white gondola over thick trees turing in the fall

A White Gondola Over Thick Trees Turing In The Fall

rice fields sculpted into the landscape

Rice FIelds Sculpted Into The Landscape

clay temple rooftop

Clay Temple Rooftop

dark-eyed water buffalo stares curiously up dirt road

Dark-Eyed Water Buffalo Stares Curiously Up Dirt Road

small green auto rickshaw

Small Green Auto Rickshaw

teapot and two tea cups on wooden table

Teapot And Two Tea Cups On Wooden Table

monk walks past building

Monk Walks Past Building

coracle boats in a beach

Coracle Boats In A Beach

water buffalo tied along dirt road overlooking valley

Water Buffalo Tied Along Dirt Road Overlooking Valley

woman carries wood across beach in india

Woman Carries Wood Across Beach In India

tropical flowers and palms overlook indonesian temple

Tropical Flowers And Palms Overlook Indonesian Temple

sunshiney indonesian valley filled with rice paddies

Sunshiney Indonesian Valley Filled With Rice Paddies

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