Pictures of France

There are many reasons why France is one of the most photographed countries in the world: The storied Eiffel Tower. The imposing public monuments. The meandering alleyways, flanked by walkups. It all adds up to a certain je ne sais quoi, spiced up with joie de vivre and flavored by haute cuisine. See for yourself.

office building with pillars

Office Building With Pillars

apartments overlooking a canal from the bedroom window

Apartments Overlooking A Canal From The Bedroom Window

an icy blue lake framed by snowy sides

An Icy Blue Lake Framed By Snowy Sides

an icy highway and frosty trees in winter light

An Icy Highway And Frosty Trees In Winter Light

the wooden gables of blue house under a blue sky

The Wooden Gables Of Blue House Under A Blue Sky

relaxed pedestrian street

Relaxed Pedestrian Street

woman in the gardens of versailles

Woman In The Gardens Of Versailles

tourists beneath fresces at versailles

Tourists Beneath Frescoes At Versailles

a foaming waterfall drops through tree covered hills

A Foaming Waterfall Drops Through Tree Covered Hills

white art gallery

White Art Gallery

eiffel tower at night

Eiffel Tower At Night

the eiffel tower reaches high against the city of paris

The Eiffel Tower Reaches High Against The City Of Paris

cyclists glide by the riverside

Cyclists Glide By The Riverside

a river curves down from mountains to cut through a town

A River Curves Down From Mountains To Cut Through A Town

snapping selfies at versailles

Snapping Selfies At Versailles

a wooden house with attic window under cloud-studded sky

A Wooden House With Attic Window Under Cloud-Studded Sky

walking through snowy park

Walking Through Snowy Park

a red paris-bound train at a platform

A Red Paris-Bound Train At A Platform

french doors to a courtyard

French Doors To A Courtyard

tourists wander through versailles hallways

Tourists Wander Through Versailles Hallways

man walks across hallway

Man Walks Across Hallway

hikers under a rocky outcrop and small waterfall

Hikers Under A Rocky Outcrop And Small Waterfall

sitting in a ferris wheel

Sitting In A Ferris Wheel

groups of tourists in museum courtyard

Groups Of Tourists In Museum Courtyard

hand holds a cheese knife to a block of cheese

Hand Holds A Cheese Knife To A Block Of Cheese

glass pyramid entrance of the louvre

Glass Pyramid Entrance Of The Louvre

descending grand staircase in french museum

Descending Grand Staircase In French Museum

empty cobblestone courtyard to a palace

Empty Cobblestone Courtyard To A Palace

wide exterior shot of the palace of versailles

Wide Exterior Shot of the Palace of Versailles

aged france flag by water

Aged France Flag By Water

the eiffel tower and the surrounding city

The Eiffel Tower And The Surrounding City

white buildings viewed through a wire fence

White Buildings Viewed Through A Wire Fence

a gothic cathedral in black and white

A Gothic Cathedral In Black And White

a corridor of archways leads to a gothic window

A Corridor Of Archways Leads To A Gothic Window

stained glass window panes in a gothic church window

Stained Glass Window Panes In A Gothic Church Window

parked mopeds on a parisian street

Parked Mopeds On A Parisian Street

place des terreaux in lyon

Place des Terreaux In Lyon

gardens with the arc de triomphe and the eiffel tower

Gardens With The Arc De Triomphe And The Eiffel Tower

paris rooftops and tree-lined boulevards

Paris Rooftops And Tree-Lined Boulevards

paris skyline with the eiffel tower on the horizon

Paris Skyline With The Eiffel Tower On The Horizon

pruned trees line a path leading to a mansion

Pruned Trees Line A Path Leading To A Mansion

a gothic church window

A Gothic Church Window

sunset falls over a watchtower and bay

Sunset Falls Over A Watchtower And Bay

the steel-frame corridor of an airport

The Steel-Frame Corridor Of An Airport

a river winds past historic buildings and trees

A River Winds Past Historic Buildings And Trees

apartments overlooking a canal

Apartments Overlooking A Canal

clouds scatter shadows of sprawling green ridges and hills

Clouds Scatter Shadows Of Sprawling Green Ridges And Hills

building peaks over apartment balconies

Building Peaks Over Apartment Balconies

arc du triomphe in black and white

Arc Du Triomphe In Black And White

restaurant tables between columns on a piazza

Restaurant Tables Between Columns On A Piazza

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