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The Pudong Skyline In Shanghai | View photo

Markus Winkler has contributed 129 photos since June 2020

trays stacked at entrance to orchard

Trays Stacked At Entrance To Orchard

a hand holds up a bunch of grapes

A Hand Holds Up A Bunch Of Grapes

mobile phone with mask icon

Mobile Phone With Mask Icon

childrens clothing in funky colors

Childrens Clothing In Funky Colors

clothes on a rack in a clothing store

Clothes On A Rack In A Clothing Store

resume checklist next to laptop

Resume Checklist Next To Laptop

street entrance to a pharmacy

Street Entrance To A Pharmacy

vineyard cascading over hillside

Vineyard Cascading Over Hillside

busy airport terminal corridor

Busy Airport Terminal Corridor

nature walk surrounded by birch trees

Nature Walk Surrounded By Birch Trees

two matching archways side by side

Two Matching Archways Side By Side

yellow card and a red and gold passport flatlay

Yellow Card And A Red And Gold Passport Flatlay

empty rail track surrounded by trees

Empty Rail Track Surrounded By Trees

tablet showing an open app sitting on a wooden table

Tablet Showing An Open App Sitting On A Wooden Table

abandoned basketball hoop

Abandoned Basketball Hoop

view of the city from a rocky hilltop

View Of The City From A Rocky Hilltop

dried chick peas on yellow background

Dried Chick Peas On Yellow Background

close up of black grapes

Close Up Of Black Grapes

where the forest and city meet

Where The Forest And City Meet

stone walkway with trees and a view

Stone Walkway With Trees And A View

a white building with blue shutters

A White Building With Blue Shutters

motorbikes parked under green vines

Motorbikes Parked Under Green Vines

vineyard over looking rural town

Vineyard Over Looking Rural Town

black plastic debit card on a white table

Black Plastic Debit Card On A White Table

green gingham table cloth and wooden chairs

Green Gingham Table Cloth And Wooden Chairs

tree lined grassy road with people in the distance

Tree Lined Grassy Road With People In The Distance

a river runs through a city

A River Runs Through A City

multicolored husked corn stacked

Multicolored Husked Corn Stacked

coracle boats in a beach

Coracle Boats In A Beach

pink building with a black roof and a flag pole

Pink Building With A Black Roof And A Flag Pole

hallway with a round roof top and people at the end

Hallway With A Round Roof Top And People At The End

pencils and shavings on pink paper

Pencils And Shavings On Pink Paper

raw seafood in bowls viewed from above

Raw Seafood In Bowls Viewed From Above

soft pink flowers fill the frame surrounded by foliage

Soft Pink Flowers Fill The Frame Surrounded By Foliage

single white surgical mask

Single White Surgical Mask

purple metal fence with green leaves

Purple Metal Fence With Green Leaves

sunsets in an aerial view of a busy city

Sunsets In An Aerial View Of A Busy City

beautiful tall house intricately designed

Beautiful Tall House Intricately Designed

flatlay of a yellow plastic card with a tap chip in it

Flatlay Of A Yellow Plastic Card With A Tap Chip In It

a pocket of forest in a dense city

A Pocket Of Forest In A Dense City

abstract image of a ceiling with metal lines

Abstract Image Of A Ceiling With Metal Lines

a gathering place for friends

A Gathering Place For Friends

illuminated fruit market in hong kong

Illuminated Fruit Market In Hong Kong

hillside vineyard over the water

Hillside Vineyard Over The Water

white phone charger on yellow

White Phone Charger On Yellow

white plate with mango rice and cutlery

White Plate With Mango Rice And Cutlery

a man a tree and a city

A Man A Tree And A City

close up of a orange and yellow flower

Close Up Of A Orange And Yellow Flower

pink dahlia flowers blossom under the sun

Pink Dahlia Flowers Blossom Under The Sun

orange cushions on metal chairs in empty patio

Orange Cushions On Metal Chairs In Empty Patio