Tomáš Hustoles

UX&UI Mobile and Web Digital Designer, dreamer, weird thing lover, cafe lounger, nonsense small projects maker, book & music & movie enthusiast, traveler with a camera. ツ

location Berlin, Germany & Prague, Czech republic

Condensation Drips Down Window Glass | View photo

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outdoor swimming pool with tall trees behind it

Outdoor Swimming Pool With Tall Trees Behind It

glass pour over coffee being brewed on wooden countertop

Glass Pour Over Coffee Being Brewed On Wooden Countertop

looking up towards the sky at a grey building

Looking Up Towards The Sky At A Grey Building

fall walk on gravel road

Fall Walk On Gravel Road

trays of colorful food with tongs

Trays Of Colorful Food With Tongs

furnished bedroom bathed in orange light

Furnished Bedroom Bathed In Orange Light

brown building with winding staircases

Brown Building With Winding Staircases

smoke break by the plaza

Smoke Break By The Plaza

graffiti in urban area

Graffiti In Urban Area

light from window through open door

Light From Window Through Open Door

setting sun with golden sky over city

Setting Sun With Golden Sky Over City

melted trash bin

Melted Trash Bin

wavy water creating pattern in swimming pool

Wavy Water Creating Pattern In Swimming Pool

flatlay of coffee and computer on wooden surface

Flatlay Of Coffee And Computer On Wooden Surface

clean parks in spring time

Clean Parks In Spring Time

red color sample

Red Color Sample

people waiting for the subway

People Waiting For The Subway

fences and bushes in narrow pathway

Fences And Bushes In Narrow Pathway

kayaks float in river with buildings behind it

Kayaks Float In River With Buildings Behind It

a yellow x on asphalt

A Yellow X On Asphalt

farmer leaning and tending to crops

Farmer Leaning And Tending To Crops

man walks dogs through building courtyard

Man Walks Dogs Through Building Courtyard

cars drive over bridge through trees

Cars Drive Over Bridge Through Trees

glass windows of a metal industrial building

Glass Windows Of A Metal Industrial Building

big red graffitied door in concrete wall

Big Red Graffitied Door In Concrete Wall

a building on pillars in the waters of a bay

A Building On Pillars In The Waters Of A Bay

sunglasses and a cellphone on a wooden picnic table

Sunglasses And A Cellphone On A Wooden Picnic Table

picnic table with a wooden tray holding a latte and a water

Picnic Table With A Wooden Tray Holding A Latte And A Water

night time at the pool

Night Time At The Pool

person walking into the sunlight

Person Walking Into The Sunlight

hand holds up a two scoop ice cream cone

Hand Holds Up A Two Scoop Ice Cream Cone

hand holding ping pong paddle on grey background

Hand Holding Ping Pong Paddle On Grey Background

a dark subway tunnel in a subway station

A Dark Subway Tunnel In A Subway Station

dark city street at dusk

Dark City Street At Dusk

public swimming pool at night

Public Swimming Pool At Night

hands hold up a camera to take a photo

Hands Hold Up A Camera To Take A Photo

sunny park full of people in berlin

Sunny Park Full Of People In Berlin

cyclist with red hat

Cyclist With Red Hat

circular glass doorway of a restaurant

Circular Glass Doorway Of A Restaurant

sunlight creates shadows from an overpass

Sunlight Creates Shadows From An Overpass

city on the river as the sun sets

City On the River As The Sun Sets

a black car parked outside a bistro

A Black Car Parked Outside A Bistro

harsh shadows of trees on building

Harsh Shadows Of Trees On Building

red classic car in front of yellow building

Red Classic Car In Front Of Yellow Building

the side of a tall white building shadowed by a tree

The Side Of A Tall White Building Shadowed By A Tree

tall buildings surround a narrow street with parked cars

Tall Buildings Surround A Narrow Street With Parked Cars

narrow street at night

Narrow Street At Night

train leaves the station by river

Train Leaves The Station By River

grassy edge by calm blue water

Grassy Edge By Calm Blue Water

patterned skyscraper

Patterned Skyscraper