Tomas Villamil

I've been doing photography since I was 12. I always found pleasure in taking the pictures. As I see it, every photo contains memories. I took several photography courses during high school, and I was also a big part of the photography team in school in order to take pictures of trips or school events. I also started doing small things related to video game photography. In this case I managed to get 38k followers on Instagram when I was 15. I deactivated that page as I did not consider it proper photography. Right now, I barely share the picture I take. It's just a stack of files in my computer and memory cars. I would love to find a way to share this content properly. Regarding a portafolio, I dont really have an active instragram page. I will link a car photography page that I was using.

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Person Holds Out Arms Silhouetted By A Setting Sun | View photo

Tomas Villamil has contributed 9 photos since January 2021

a landscape of rust colored sand dunes

A Landscape Of Rust Colored Sand Dunes

a silhouette of a person riding a bike at sunset

A Silhouette Of A Person Riding A Bike At Sunset

people walking in the desert in black and white

People Walking In The Desert In Black And White

person holds out arms silhouetted by a setting sun

Person Holds Out Arms Silhouetted By A Setting Sun

silhouette of a person with a baseball cap against a setting sun

Silhouette Of A Person With A Baseball Cap Against A Setting Sun

looking up at tall building against a clear blue sky

Looking Up At Tall Building Against A Clear Blue Sky

ferris wheel against a blue sky

Ferris Wheel Against A Blue Sky

white buildings with round roof tops and keyhole doorways

White Buildings With Round Roof Tops And Keyhole Doorways

busy street lined with cars and white buildings

Busy Street Lined With Cars And White Buildings