Trevor Minett

Landscape and macro photography

location Cambridge, Ontario

Trees At Sunset Through Lens Ball | View photo

Trevor Minett has contributed 9 photos since May 2018

dew on forrest branches in sunlight

Dew On Forrest Branches In Sunlight

glass ball on water at sunset

Glass Ball On Water At Sunset

trees at sunset through lens ball

Trees At Sunset Through Lens Ball

honey bee close up

Honey Bee Close Up

close up of pink flowers with fresh water drops

Close Up Of Pink Flowers With Fresh Water Drops

city lights at night reflected in a clear orb

City Lights At Night Reflected In A Clear Orb

vintage teal camper van parked on a wooden walkway

Vintage Teal Camper Van Parked On A Wooden Walkway

train tracks through a mountain forest

Train Tracks Through A Mountain Forest

macro photography of a detailed snowflake

Macro Photography Of A Detailed Snowflake