Lerone Pieters

I began as a portrait photographer 4 years ago. In recent times I have taken up both street and architectural photography.

location Brooklyn

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Dark And Foggy City | View photo

Lerone Pieters has contributed 51 photos since January 2019

rainy day in chinatown

Rainy Day In Chinatown

urban view through cut chain link fence

Urban View Through Cut Chain Link Fence

yellow cab drives through city

Yellow Cab Drives Through City

foggy oceanside city highway

Foggy Oceanside City Highway

horn-rimmed specs

Horn-Rimmed Specs

blue new york

Blue New York

rain in new york

Rain In New York

puddle water reflects urban bridge

Puddle Water Reflects Urban Bridge

man stands under patterned dome window

Man Stands Under Patterned Dome Window

taxi races past urban gallery at night

Taxi Races Past Urban Gallery At Night

lights glow in rain

LIghts Glow In Rain

city through wire

City Through Wire

cherry blossoms in front of flatiron building

Cherry Blossoms In Front Of Flatiron Building

un-ending new york skyline

Un-Ending New York Skyline

dark new york

Dark New York

quiet dusky new york

Quiet Dusky New York

dark and foggy city

Dark And Foggy City

foggy city bridge

Foggy City Bridge

rainy crosswalk

Rainy Crosswalk

new york at sunset

New York At Sunset

mystical park

Mystical Park

ice-cream in the city

Ice-cream In The City

cycling reflects at sunset

Cycling Reflects At Sunset

urban tree bridge

Urban Tree Bridge

man in red t-shirt walks through city

Man In Red T-Shirt Walks Through City

railway bridge over city street

Railway Bridge Over City Street

rocks and lights of new york

Rocks And Lights Of New York

new york skyline at dusk

New York Skyline At Dusk

partial view of new york bridge

Partial View Of New York Bridge

statue of liberty at sunset

Statue Of Liberty At Sunset

new york skyline from the water

New York Skyline From The Water

standing in the rain in the city

Standing In The Rain In The City

urban leaves

Urban Leaves

lights on top of car

Lights On Top Of Car

viewing the viewers

Viewing The Viewers

wooden shutters closed

Wooden Shutters Closed

city through a fence

City Through A Fence

overcast 59th street bridge

Overcast 59th Street Bridge

flatiron building catches sun

Flatiron Building Catches Sun

stairs and an elevator

Stairs And An Elevator

spooky brooklyn bridge

Spooky Brooklyn Bridge

astor place station

Astor Place Station

left to the bronx, straight on for brooklyn

Left To The Bronx, Straight On For Brooklyn

train drives by station

Train Drives By Station

city bridges in the evening

City Bridges In The Evening

new york fog

New York Fog

divergent urban roads

Divergent Urban Roads

looking at a foggy city

Looking At A Foggy City

train passes high street

Train Passes High Street

path and arch

Path And Arch