Welcome to the adventures of The Nomad Barista – I'm Brodie, and my photography is inspired by exploring the world, connecting with different cultures, and of course coffee!

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Brodie has contributed 1352 photos since March 2017

paris art square

Paris Art Square

bright modern mens fashion

Bright Modern Mens Fashion

business man walks in urban sunlight

Business Man Walks In Urban Sunlight

long haired horse by fence

Long Haired Horse By Fence

beach umbrella view

Beach Umbrella View

road through rocky terrain

Road Through Rocky Terrain

hiking in brush

Hiking In Brush

selfie hikers on cobblestone hill

Selfie Hikers On Cobblestone Hill

tropical beach below cliff

Tropical Beach Below Cliff

rain falls on clean pool and deck

Rain Falls On Clean Pool And Deck

kite surfer

Kite Surfer

man wades in waves

Man Wades In Waves

basketball game

Basketball Game

black vintage sports car

Black Vintage Sports Car

winding desert highway

Winding Desert Highway

man sits and laughs

Man Sits And Laughs

offroad vehicle driving though a forest

Offroad Vehicle Driving Though A Forest

glassy iceland lake water reflects hillside

Glassy Iceland Lake Water Reflects Hillside

bohemian-style balcony with white bamboo sofa

Bohemian-Style Balcony With White Bamboo Sofa

city night tracks

City Night Tracks

oceanside mountains in indonesia

Oceanside Mountains In Indonesia

waves crash on feet

Waves Crash On Feet

calm yoga by waters edge

Calm Yoga By Waters Edge

manhattan skyline

Manhattan Skyline

outdoor mineral pool

Outdoor Mineral Pool

pouring an espresso

Pouring An Espresso

rainy walk on bridge

Rainy Walk On Bridge

city at dusk

City At Dusk

clapping push ups

Clapping Push Ups

fenced in pool in grassy yard

Fenced In Pool In Grassy Yard

telescope over paris

Telescope Over Paris

sailboats in cove

Sailboats In Cove

boat in ocean indonesia

Boat In Ocean Indonesia

filling wine glasses on counter

Filling Wine Glasses On Counter

one single daisy

One Single Daisy

dog on hanging bridge

Dog On Hanging Bridge

rock concert audience

Rock Concert Audience

couple quietly soak in the view

Couple Quietly Soak In The View

women's fashion tattooed woman holding flowers

Women's Fashion Tattooed Woman Holding Flowers

shanghai oriental pearl

Shanghai Oriental Pearl

salmon and lox

Salmon And Lox

fresh tomato market

Fresh Tomato Market

london bridge over thames

London Bridge Over Thames

route 66 winding through canyon

Route 66 Winding Through Canyon

london double decker bus

London Double Decker Bus

pad thai

Pad Thai

modern wood panelled wall and shelving interior

Modern Wood Panelled Wall And Shelving Interior

couple on private beach

Couple On Private Beach

kids feet

Kids Feet

a man looks to the street below from a rooftop

A Man Looks To The Street Below From A Rooftop