Welcome to the adventures of The Nomad Barista – I'm Brodie, and my photography is inspired by exploring the world, connecting with different cultures, and of course coffee!

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Brodie has contributed 1352 photos since March 2017

hotel bed with bamboo details

Hotel Bed With Bamboo Details

city skyscrapers & towers

City Skyscrapers & Towers

meditation and yoga in nature

Meditation And Yoga In Nature

crashed aircraft wreckage

Crashed Aircraft Wreckage

footwear close up man tying shoelace from side

Footwear Close Up Man Tying Shoelace From Side

reaching yoga pose in nature

Reaching Yoga Pose In Nature

outdoor mineral pool

Outdoor Mineral Pool

young man pours a fresh cup of coffee

Young Man Pours A Fresh Cup Of Coffee

art reflecting nature on a wall

Art Reflecting Nature On A Wall

clapping push ups

Clapping Push Ups

tree pose in vinyard great balance

Tree Pose In Vinyard Great Balance

small bridge in grand canyon

Small Bridge In Grand Canyon

luxury sports car

Luxury Sports Car

two pizzas and wine

Two Pizzas And Wine

grassy roofs by the beach

Grassy Roofs By The Beach

row of city houses

Row Of City Houses

rain falls on clean pool and deck

Rain Falls On Clean Pool And Deck

new york busy street

New York Busy Street

selfie hikers on cobblestone hill

Selfie Hikers On Cobblestone Hill

walking bridge

Walking Bridge

one single daisy

One Single Daisy

biking on city streets

Biking On City Streets

beach umbrella view

Beach Umbrella View

man & woman romance

Man & Woman Romance

concert audience

Concert Audience

long haired horse by fence

Long Haired Horse By Fence

route 66 winding through canyon

Route 66 Winding Through Canyon

bright modern mens fashion

Bright Modern Mens Fashion

hiking in brush

Hiking In Brush

road through rocky terrain

Road Through Rocky Terrain

minimalist room with modern art

Minimalist Room With Modern Art

statue by eiffel tower

Statue By Eiffel Tower

colorful autumn hike

Colorful Autumn Hike

dark dirt road with sign

Dark Dirt Road With Sign

two red cocktails on a tray

Two Red Cocktails On A Tray

rock face overlooking a forest

Rock Face Overlooking A Forest

spinache quiche

Spinach Quiche

watery rice fields

Watery Rice Fields

rock concert audience

Rock Concert Audience

a man looks to the street below from a rooftop

A Man Looks To The Street Below From A Rooftop

city at dusk

City At Dusk

filling wine glasses on counter

Filling Wine Glasses On Counter

sailboats in cove

Sailboats In Cove

american desert highway

American Desert Highway

sun and shadows over sprawling canyon

Sun And Shadows Over Sprawling Canyon

green health smoothie

Green health smoothie

friends celebrating with champagne

Friends Celebrating With Champagne

telescope over paris

Telescope Over Paris

man wades in waves

Man Wades In Waves

ships seen from air

Ships Seen From Air