Brodie Vissers

My photography is inspired by exploration – traveling, connecting with different cultures, and capturing people’s passions. I’m deeply involved in the specialty coffee industry

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Brodie Vissers has contributed 1352 photos since March 2017

camo cow

Camo Cow

water buffalo tied along dirt road overlooking valley

Water Buffalo Tied Along Dirt Road Overlooking Valley

an ivy-covered shabby-chic building

An Ivy-Covered Shabby-Chic Building

side table tea service

Side Table Tea Service

valley of rice farms surrounded by lush mountains

Valley Of Rice Farms Surrounded By Lush Mountains

sunset over a red brick tower in a cobbled piazza

Sunset Over A Red Brick Tower In A Cobbled Piazza

multi-storey city buildings

Multi-storey City Buildings

roof top view

Roof Top View

mountainside valley

Mountainside Valley

tree top adventure

Tree Top Adventure

red wood sign post

Red Wood Sign Post

palm trees beyond poolside hammock

Palm Trees Beyond Poolside Hammock

thai dragon stair railing

Thai Dragon Stair Railing

city break under trees

City Break Under Trees

group of touring motorbikes parked along jungle roadway

Group Of Touring Motorbikes Parked Along Jungle Roadway

clusters of firm green fruit in lush jungle

Clusters Of Firm Green Fruit In Lush Jungle

columns and staircase in church

Columns And Staircase In Church

an old shed in a field

An Old Shed In A Field

wooden trails through the forest

Wooden Trails Through The Forest

fruit hanging from tropical branches

Fruit Hanging From Tropical Branches

trees bursting through surrounding buildings

Trees Bursting Through Surrounding Buildings

stone steps in park

Stone Steps In Park

wooden shelf with knick knacks

Wooden Shelf With Knick Knacks

modern men's bathroom sign

Modern Men's Bathroom Sign

water over wicker baskets

Water Over Wicker Baskets

crimson fruits cling to jungle branches

Crimson Fruits Cling To Jungle Branches

red rooftops surrounded by lush jungle

Red Rooftops Surrounded By Lush Jungle

urban woody park path

Urban Woody Park Path

hanging lanterns and bottles

Hanging Lanterns And Bottles

modern design meets nature

Modern Design Meets Nature

community of red rooftops scattered through jungle

Community Of Red Rooftops Scattered Through Jungle

man sits on chair on rooftop

Man Sits On Chair On Rooftop

water ripples down the side of a fountain

Water Ripples Down The Side Of A Fountain

ornate indonesian bamboo temple towers overhead

Ornate Indonesian Bamboo Temple Towers Overhead

twisted red branches loaded with clusters of green fruit

Twisted Red Branches Loaded With Clusters Of Green Fruit

leaves and branches of lush green trees with fruit

Leaves And Branches Of Lush Green Trees With Fruit

pergola in the woods

Pergola In The Woods

hidden house

Hidden House

mountain view of a city

Mountain View Of A City

a modern bathroom entrance

A Modern Bathroom Entrance

blue and white pergola

Blue And White Pergola

textured building exterior

Textured Building Exterior

shenzhen cityscape

Shenzhen Cityscape

water calmly flows over rocks

Water Calmly Flows Over Rocks

lush branches of tropical plant loaded with fruit

Lush Branches Of Tropical Plant Loaded With Fruit

cathedral in summer

Cathedral In Summer

unique multi-level roof

Unique Multi-Level Roof

hiker navigates a narrow rock face

Hiker Navigates A Narrow Rock Face

cow walks up rust colored hill

Cow Walks Up Rust Colored Hill

water flowing over wicker baskets

Water Flowing Over Wicker Baskets