Brodie Vissers

My photography is inspired by exploration – traveling, connecting with different cultures, and capturing people’s passions. I currently specialize in lifestyle product photography, storytelling projects, and I’m deeply involved in the specialty coffee industry For more of my current projects and travels, swing by my Instagram @TheNomadBrodie.

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Brodie Vissers has contributed 1352 photos since March 2017

a family of monkeys tend to their beauty care

A Family Of Monkeys Tend To Their Beauty Care

river separates community of houses from rice paddies

River Separates Community Of Houses From Rice Paddies

natural light in a rustic bathroom

Natural Light In A Rustic Bathroom

carved chinese characters

Carved Chinese Characters

indian cow

Indian Cow

multi-storey city buildings

Multi-storey City Buildings

a monkey preens her children in the setting sun

A Monkey Preens Her Children In The Setting Sun

friends share a moment with the view

Friends Share A Moment With The View

cup and saucer on table

Cup And Saucer On Table

streetside restaurant

Streetside Restaurant

large open home along the edge of the jungle

Large Open Home Along The Edge Of The Jungle

modern church space

Modern Church Space

an ivy-covered shabby-chic building

An Ivy-Covered Shabby-Chic Building

rice paddies surround yellow house

Rice Paddies Surround Yellow House

minimalist wooden shelves

Minimalist Wooden Shelves

group of touring motorbikes parked along jungle roadway

Group Of Touring Motorbikes Parked Along Jungle Roadway

lush rice paddies under a fog-filled misty sky

Lush Rice Paddies Under A Fog-Filled Misty Sky

dark-eyed water buffalo stares curiously up dirt road

Dark-Eyed Water Buffalo Stares Curiously Up Dirt Road

tendrils of steam from coffee filter in the daylight

Tendrils Of Steam From Coffee Filter In The Daylight

cattle graze a field

Cattle Graze A Field

young woman burning sandalwood

Young Woman Burning Sandalwood

a white tea set on a wooden table

A White Tea Set On A Wooden Table

roof top view

Roof Top View

elephant snacks on bamboo

Elephant Snacks On Bamboo

sunset over a red brick tower in a cobbled piazza

Sunset Over A Red Brick Tower In A Cobbled Piazza

a moment with urban nature

A Moment With Urban Nature

sunshiney indonesian valley filled with rice paddies

Sunshiney Indonesian Valley Filled With Rice Paddies

dirt road to a small white cabin

Dirt Road To A Small White Cabin

columns and staircase in church

Columns And Staircase In Church

hand-painted no smoking sign

Hand-Painted No Smoking Sign

man sits on chair on rooftop

Man Sits On Chair On Rooftop

side table tea service

Side Table Tea Service

fruit hanging from tropical branches

Fruit Hanging From Tropical Branches

woman admires valley view

Woman Admires Valley View

clusters of firm green fruit in lush jungle

Clusters Of Firm Green Fruit In Lush Jungle

walking under washing line on roof

Walking Under Washing Line On Roof

winding thailand canyon

Winding Thailand Canyon

red wood sign post

Red Wood Sign Post

pergola in the woods

Pergola In The Woods

rustic bathroom sink

Rustic Bathroom Sink

motorbike outside a cafe

Motorbike Outside A Cafe

stone steps in park

Stone Steps In Park

crimson fruits cling to jungle branches

Crimson Fruits Cling To Jungle Branches

sunsets over thailand mountains

Sunsets Over Thailand Mountains

wooden figure on a shelf

Wooden Figure On A Shelf

tree top adventure

Tree Top Adventure

rocky cliff plateau vantage point

Rocky Cliff Plateau Vantage Point

twisted red branches loaded with clusters of green fruit

Twisted Red Branches Loaded With Clusters Of Green Fruit

cathedral in summer

Cathedral In Summer

waving elephant trunk

Waving Elephant Trunk