Brodie Vissers

My photography is inspired by exploration – traveling, connecting with different cultures, and capturing people’s passions. I’m deeply involved in the specialty coffee industry

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Brodie Vissers has contributed 1352 photos since March 2017

ferry on choppy water

Ferry On Choppy Water

golden thailand canyon sunset

Golden Thailand Canyon Sunset

young man on rooftop in brown coat

Young Man On Rooftop In Brown Coat

a plant in a water jar by a window

A Plant In A Water Jar By A Window

arched bridges over city river

Arched Bridges Over City River

a tattooed woman enjoys the sun on the beach

A Tattooed Woman Enjoys The Sun On The Beach

swimmers and surfers scattered along gentle waves

Swimmers And Surfers Scattered Along Gentle Waves

marble counter at busy cafe

Marble Counter At Busy Cafe

gentle rolling waves cradle avid surfers

Gentle Rolling Waves Cradle Avid Surfers

tree framed sunset

Tree Framed Sunset

curved city street

Curved City Street

pink blossoms over crumbling walls

Pink Blossoms Over Crumbling Walls

iced coffee from above

Iced Coffee From Above

processing fresh coffee beans

Processing Fresh Coffee Beans

a vast expanse of skyscrapers blend into a hazy sky

A Vast Expanse Of Skyscrapers Blend Into A Hazy Sky

a woman in flowing patterned robe stands by waters edge

A Woman In Flowing Patterned Robe Stands By Waters Edge

geometric ceiling design

Geometric Ceiling Design

woman looks out train window

Woman Looks Out Train Window

quiet coffee moment

Quiet Coffee Moment

pouring hot water in cafe to make coffee

Pouring Hot Water In Cafe To Make Coffee

scooter parking rows

Scooter Parking Rows

iced coffee on marble counter

Iced Coffee On Marble Counter

arboretum yoga

Arboretum Yoga

chinese ornament

Chinese Ornament

cyclist taking a leisurely ride through street

Cyclist Taking A Leisurely Ride Through Street

dinner is served

Dinner Is Served

flowers bloom in metropolitan area

Flowers Bloom In Metropolitan Area

wicker basket in the corner a room

Wicker Basket In The Corner A Room

tall glass of fresh lemonade

Tall Glass Of Fresh Lemonade

a counter and accompanying stool

A Counter And Accompanying Stool

cold brew coffee on tap

Cold Brew Coffee On Tap

glass coffee pour

Glass Coffee Pour

woman holds potted flower in her hands

Woman Holds Potted Flower In Her Hands

ceramic coffee cup in hand

Ceramic Coffee Cup In Hand

modern sculpture in urban park

Modern Sculpture In Urban Park

high end pour over coffee system

High End Pour Over Coffee System

birds perched on wood beams of indonesian temple

Birds Perched On Wood Beams Of Indonesian Temple

sheet metal roof in urban china

Sheet Metal Roof In Urban China

path by canal

Path By Canal

tea in the sun

Tea In The Sun

small green auto rickshaw

Small Green Auto Rickshaw

man sit casually on roof ledge

Man Sit Casually On Roof Ledge

winter river in city

Winter River In City

trees and indonesian architecture

Trees And Indonesian Architecture

rustic room with antique ornaments

Rustic Room With Antique Ornaments

vast mountain landscape

Vast Mountain Landscape

indonesian rooftops below the clouds

Indonesian Rooftops Below The Clouds

canal in urban landscape

Canal In Urban Landscape

coffee beans flowing through water

Coffee Beans Flowing Through Water

classic cool lemonade on table

Classic Cool Lemonade On Table