Brodie Vissers

My photography is inspired by exploration – traveling, connecting with different cultures, and capturing people’s passions. I’m deeply involved in the specialty coffee industry

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Brodie Vissers has contributed 1352 photos since March 2017

man sitting comfortably on roof ledge

Man Sitting Comfortably On Roof Ledge

fresh iced coffee to go

Fresh Iced Coffee To Go

grafitti bridge over subway

Grafitti Bridge Over Subway

metal shower head

Metal Shower Head

man sit casually on roof ledge

Man Sit Casually On Roof Ledge

person swimming in clear pool

Person Swimming In Clear Pool

rustic building behind the trees

Rustic Building Behind The Trees

pouring hot water in cafe to make coffee

Pouring Hot Water In Cafe To Make Coffee

zizkov tv tower from distance

Zizkov Tv Tower From Distance

close up on espresso machine pull

Close Up On Espresso Machine Pull

birds perched on wood beams of indonesian temple

Birds Perched On Wood Beams Of Indonesian Temple

hot coffee in the morning

Hot Coffee In The Morning

cyclist taking a leisurely ride through street

Cyclist Taking A Leisurely Ride Through Street

green mountains and blue water

Green Mountains And Blue Water

gentle rolling waves cradle avid surfers

Gentle Rolling Waves Cradle Avid Surfers

chinese temple details

Chinese Temple Details

small leafy street with cyclists

Small Leafy Street With Cyclists

dinner is served

Dinner Is Served

latte art in hand

Latte Art In Hand

man on roof with one leg on chair

Man On Roof With One Leg On Chair

tropical pool outside a white house

Tropical Pool Outside A White House

marble counter at busy cafe

Marble Counter At Busy Cafe

small farm in the mountains

Small Farm In The Mountains

fresh juices and smoothies

Fresh Juices And Smoothies

modern sculpture in urban park

Modern Sculpture In Urban Park

green trees between tall buildlings

Green Trees Between Tall Buildlings

trees and indonesian architecture

Trees And Indonesian Architecture

vineyard overlooking mountains

Vineyard Overlooking Mountains

geometric ceiling

Geometric Ceiling

cow walks up rust colored hill

Cow Walks Up Rust Colored Hill

scooter parking rows

Scooter Parking Rows

grassy farm track

Grassy Farm Track

chinese ornament

Chinese Ornament

clay temple rooftop

Clay Temple Rooftop

sunbeams though the clouds over the hills

Sunbeams Though The Clouds Over The Hills

flowers bloom in metropolitan area

Flowers Bloom In Metropolitan Area

tea in the sun

Tea In The Sun

path by canal

Path By Canal

sparkling cocktail in tall glass

Sparkling Cocktail In Tall Glass

coffee cup and coffee kettle

Coffee Cup And Coffee Kettle

small green auto rickshaw

Small Green Auto Rickshaw

quiet coffee moment

Quiet Coffee Moment

winding thailand canyon

Winding Thailand Canyon

cattle graze a field

Cattle Graze A Field

a monkey on a stone wall amongst the trees

A Monkey On A Stone Wall Amongst The Trees

fresh smoothie in glass on table

Fresh Smoothie In Glass On Table

fresh baked pastry at modern cafe

Fresh Baked Pastry At Modern Cafe

tree top adventure

Tree Top Adventure

woman sits on floor reading

Woman Sits On Floor Reading

geometric concrete park

Geometric Concrete Park