Brodie Vissers

My photography is inspired by exploration – traveling, connecting with different cultures, and capturing people’s passions. I’m deeply involved in the specialty coffee industry

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Brodie Vissers has contributed 1352 photos since March 2017

woven chair by table

Woven Chair By Table

natural wooden dining

Natural Wooden Dining

rice and chopsticks

Rice And Chopsticks

tall latte at cafe

Tall Latte At Cafe

woman sits on floor reading

Woman Sits On Floor Reading

pour over coffee competition

Pour Over Coffee Competition

iced coffee with cream

Iced Coffee With Cream

fresh juices and smoothies

Fresh Juices And Smoothies

rustic home decor

Rustic Home Decor

espresso machine pours out hot and fresh shot

Espresso Machine Pours Out Hot And Fresh Shot

church tower in china

Church Tower In China

espresso machine double shot into cup

Espresso Machine Double Shot Into Cup

shanghai night skyline

Shanghai Night Skyline

aged hands walking stick and apron

Aged Hands Walking Stick And Apron



green trees between tall buildlings

Green Trees Between Tall Buildlings

rustic building behind the trees

Rustic Building Behind The Trees

tall glass of sparkling white wine

Tall Glass Of Sparkling White Wine

coffee cup and coffee kettle

Coffee Cup And Coffee Kettle

lush large green leaves in glass jars

Lush Large Green Leaves In Glass Jars

ancient chinese temple

Ancient Chinese Temple

vintage lamp and house plant

Vintage Lamp And House Plant

fresh smoothie in glass on table

Fresh Smoothie In Glass On Table

man scratches head in front of yellow door

Man Scratches Head In Front Of Yellow Door

offroad vehicle driving though a forest

Offroad Vehicle Driving Though A Forest

tea set break

Tea Set Break

espresso service

Espresso Service

row of pour over coffee being brewed

Row Of Pour Over Coffee Being Brewed

pour over coffee into unique ceramic vase

Pour Over Coffee Into Unique Ceramic Vase

fresh baked pastry at modern cafe

Fresh Baked Pastry At Modern Cafe

vintage heater with handle

Vintage Heater With Handle

small leafy street with cyclists

Small Leafy Street With Cyclists

chinese flag on temple rooftop

Chinese Flag On Temple Rooftop

vineyard overlooking mountains

Vineyard Overlooking Mountains

close up on espresso machine pull

Close Up On Espresso Machine Pull

coffee process with glassware at cafe

Coffee Process With Glassware At Cafe

wide angle chinese temple

Wide Angle Chinese Temple

a sea of coffee beans

A Sea Of Coffee Beans

a woman reads a newspaper outside a cafe

A Woman Reads A Newspaper Outside A Cafe

geometric ceiling

Geometric Ceiling

espresso cup on ledge

Espresso Cup On Ledge

pour over coffee service

Pour Over Coffee Service

fresh coffee beans in water

Fresh Coffee Beans In Water

shoed feet overlooking cliff edge

Shoed Feet Overlooking Cliff Edge

white and gold mosque

White And Gold Mosque

curly tendrils of potted plants on wooden shelf

Curly Tendrils Of Potted Plants On Wooden Shelf

man on roof with one leg on chair

Man On Roof With One Leg On Chair

urban alley china

Urban Alley China

latte art in hand

Latte Art In Hand

man in coat leans against railing

Man In Coat Leans Against Railing