Brodie Vissers

My photography is inspired by exploration – traveling, connecting with different cultures, and capturing people’s passions. I’m deeply involved in the specialty coffee industry

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Brodie Vissers has contributed 1352 photos since March 2017

village in china below hillside

Village In China Below Hillside

pour over coffee into unique ceramic vase

Pour Over Coffee Into Unique Ceramic Vase

mans legs over cliff ledge

Mans Legs Over Cliff Ledge

fresh coffee beans in water

Fresh Coffee Beans In Water

tea set break

Tea Set Break

waving elephant trunk

Waving Elephant Trunk

wide angle chinese temple

Wide Angle Chinese Temple

rear detail of antique sports car

Rear Detail Of Antique Sports Car

golden thailand canyon sunset

Golden Thailand Canyon Sunset

elephant on a cement floor

Elephant On A Cement Floor

flowers and geese in spring

Flowers And Geese In Spring

solitary surfer paddles out to the waves

Solitary Surfer Paddles Out To The Waves

a plant in a water jar by a window

A Plant In A Water Jar By A Window

woman in black dress at beach

Woman In Black Dress At Beach

beautiful dome building

Beautiful Dome Building

woman admires valley view

Woman Admires Valley View

adventure on narrow path

Adventure On Narrow Path

aged hands walking stick and apron

Aged Hands Walking Stick And Apron

row of pour over coffee being brewed

Row Of Pour Over Coffee Being Brewed

glass coffee pour

Glass Coffee Pour

espresso machine double shot into cup

Espresso Machine Double Shot Into Cup

coniferous pine close up

Coniferous Pine Close Up

tall glass of fresh lemonade

Tall Glass Of Fresh Lemonade

pour over coffee service

Pour Over Coffee Service

processing fresh coffee beans

Processing Fresh Coffee Beans

latte art in cup at cafe

Latte Art In Cup At Cafe

straw chinese ornaments

Straw Chinese Ornaments

modern stools by red wall

Modern Stools By Red Wall

turbo detail on car

Turbo Detail On Car

photograph the photographer

Photograph The Photographer

green covered cliffs meet crashing waves

Green Covered Cliffs Meet Crashing Waves

brick wall sign forest fire warning

Brick Wall Sign Forest Fire Warning

baiterek tower

Baiterek Tower

woven chair by table

Woven Chair By Table

arboretum yoga

Arboretum Yoga

sheet metal roof in urban china

Sheet Metal Roof In Urban China

fresh double espresso being made by barista

Fresh Double Espresso Being Made By Barista

a woman walks along side the water

A Woman Walks Along Side The Water

man sitting comfortably on roof ledge

Man Sitting Comfortably On Roof Ledge

man scratches head in front of yellow door

Man Scratches Head In Front Of Yellow Door

grafitti bridge over subway

Grafitti Bridge Over Subway

a sea of coffee beans

A Sea Of Coffee Beans

a woman reads a newspaper outside a cafe

A Woman Reads A Newspaper Outside A Cafe

rustic building behind the trees

Rustic Building Behind The Trees

zizkov tv tower from distance

Zizkov Tv Tower From Distance

small leafy street with cyclists

Small Leafy Street With Cyclists

antique ceramic coffee cup

Antique Ceramic Coffee Cup

hot plate cooking

Hot Plate Cooking

close up on espresso machine pull

Close Up On Espresso Machine Pull

coffee process with glassware at cafe

Coffee Process With Glassware At Cafe