Brodie Vissers

My photography is inspired by exploration ā€“ traveling, connecting with different cultures, and capturing peopleā€™s passions. I currently specialize in lifestyle product photography, storytelling projects, and Iā€™m deeply involved in the specialty coffee industry For more of my current projects and travels, swing by my Instagram @TheNomadBrodie.

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Brodie Vissers has contributed 1073 photos since March 2017

man in coat leans against railing

Man In Coat Leans Against Railing

small farm in the mountains

Small Farm In The Mountains

woman sits on floor reading

Woman Sits On Floor Reading

plant pots sit on wooden shelf in balcony

Plant Pots Sit On Wooden Shelf In Balcony

a man looks to the street below from a rooftop

A Man Looks To The Street Below From A Rooftop

lines of wine glasses

Lines Of Wine Glasses

terracotta planters hung on a wall

Terracotta Planters Hung On A Wall

man sits on chair on rooftop

Man Sits On Chair On Rooftop

wicker basket in the corner a room

Wicker Basket In The Corner A Room

vintage heater with handle

Vintage Heater With Handle

bell tower overlooks buildings

Bell Tower Overlooks Buildings

a fresh brewed pot of filter coffee

A Fresh Brewed Pot Of Filter Coffee

arboretum yoga

Arboretum Yoga

modern church space

Modern Church Space

man sits on chair on roof

Man Sits On Chair On Roof

jewelry as art for your home

Jewelry As Art For Your Home

tendrils of steam from coffee filter in the daylight

Tendrils Of Steam From Coffee Filter In The Daylight

man sit casually on roof ledge

Man Sit Casually On Roof Ledge

long pour of freshly brewed coffee

Long Pour Of Freshly Brewed Coffee

empty vineyard

Empty Vineyard

straw mat on tiled floor

Straw Mat On Tiled Floor

walking under washing line on roof

Walking Under Washing Line On Roof

crystal drinks set and shell decoration

Crystal Drinks Set and Shell Decoration