Brodie Vissers

My photography is inspired by exploration – traveling, connecting with different cultures, and capturing people’s passions. I’m deeply involved in the specialty coffee industry

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Brodie Vissers has contributed 1352 photos since March 2017

person prepares land to sow seeds

Person Prepares Land To Sow Seeds

boat parked in english waters

Boat Parked In English Waters

sunlit berlin cathedral

Sunlit Berlin Cathedral

a woman by the beach holds her hands up in reverie

A Woman By The Beach Holds Her Hands Up In Reverie

interior decor shelving with ceramic art

Interior Decor Shelving With Ceramic Art

perfect pull of espresso

Perfect Pull Of Espresso

hikers on green hike

Hikers On Green Hike

hand reaching for fresh coffee

Hand Reaching For Fresh Coffee

natural wooden dining

Natural Wooden Dining

tropical urban beach shore

Tropical Urban Beach Shore



aged bourbon poured on rocks

Aged Bourbon Poured On Rocks

green hill by growing city

Green Hill By Growing City

mountain cliff view of the valley

Mountain Cliff View Of The Valley

hot coffee in ceramic cup

Hot Coffee In Ceramic Cup

man leans over piers edge

Man Leans Over Piers Edge

coffee beans with skull

Coffee Beans With Skull

shining disco ball

Shining Disco Ball

perfect morning patio

Perfect Morning Patio

couple gets cozy during sunset

Couple Gets Cozy During Sunset

chin ups at the park

Chin Ups At The Park

clay rooftops

Clay Rooftops

temple by chinese hillside

Temple By Chinese Hillside

straw hut roof

Straw Hut Roof

teotihuacan pyramids

Teotihuacan Pyramids

a seat with a beachside view

A Seat With A Beachside View

crumbling volcanic hillside

Crumbling Volcanic Hillside

woman in punk wear

Woman In Punk Wear

espresso in small cup

Espresso In Small Cup

a woman with patterned robe throws head back by beach

A Woman With Patterned Robe Throws Head Back By Beach

european architecture

European Architecture

man watches trains

Man Watches Trains

leaning into yoga on the rocks

Leaning Into Yoga On The Rocks

church tower in china

Church Tower In China

crab and dumplings

Crab And Dumplings

berlin victory column through trees

Berlin Victory Column Through Trees

teapot and cups on side table

Teapot And Cups On Side Table

view of village below mountains

View Of Village Below Mountains

urban china construction

Urban China Construction

modern walking bridge

Modern Walking Bridge

large open space in city

Large Open Space In City

view of historic homes

View Of Historic Homes

european sports car

European Sports Car

european alley

European Alley

camo cow

Camo Cow

one world trade tower

One World Trade Tower

berlin river boat

Berlin River Boat

historic corner building prague

Historic Corner Building Prague

view of pyramid of the sun over ruins

View Of Pyramid Of The Sun Over Ruins

new york bridges

New York Bridges