Welcome to the adventures of The Nomad Barista – I'm Brodie, and my photography is inspired by exploring the world, connecting with different cultures, and of course coffee!

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Brodie has contributed 1352 photos since March 2017

woman admires valley view

Woman Admires Valley View

traveller takes picture

Traveller Takes Picture

chinese lumber workers

Chinese Lumber Workers

clay rooftops in china

Clay Rooftops In China

view from rooftop

View From Rooftop

hand reaching for fresh coffee

Hand Reaching For Fresh Coffee

a man in sandals treads a path through ferns

A Man In Sandals Treads A Path Through Ferns

crab and dumplings

Crab And Dumplings

love hand holding

Love Hand Holding

tropical pool outside a white house

Tropical Pool Outside A White House

village in china below hillside

Village In China Below Hillside

rock art desert hills

Rock Art Desert Hills

bridge over freshwater stream

Bridge Over Freshwater Stream

indian cow

Indian Cow

man in tanktop

Man In Tanktop

grey sky hill hiking

Grey Sky Hill Hiking

metal bridge urban river

Metal Bridge Urban River

camo cow

Camo Cow

rice and chopsticks

Rice And Chopsticks

trees bursting through surrounding buildings

Trees Bursting Through Surrounding Buildings

gran canyon layered rocks

Gran Canyon Layered Rocks

under city bridge

Under City Bridge

teotihuacan temples under blue skyes

Teotihuacan Temples Under Blue Skyes

rocky island

Rocky Island

nature close up of flowers and wasp

Nature Close Up Of Flowers And Wasp

rocky formations

Rocky Formations

layered edges of american canyon

Layered Edges Of American Canyon

hikers on green hike

Hikers On Green Hike

contruction workers on demolished building

Contruction Workers On Demolished Building

waving elephant trunk

Waving Elephant Trunk

white sand beach scattered with large boulders

White Sand Beach Scattered With Large Boulders

fisheye shanghai

Fisheye Shanghai

bushes near fresh springwater

Bushes Near Fresh Springwater

processing fresh coffee beans

Processing Fresh Coffee Beans

euro stairs

Euro Stairs

urban alley china

Urban Alley China

pour over coffee at it's finest

Pour Over Coffee At It's Finest

hot coffee in ceramic cup

Hot Coffee In Ceramic Cup

hiking oceanside cliffs

Hiking Oceanside Cliffs

boat passes new york

Boat Passes New York

jetstream in sky over canyon

Jetstream In Sky Over Canyon

church tower in china

Church Tower In China

crumbling red peaks of grand canyon

Crumbling Red Peaks Of Grand Canyon

mayan ruins in jungle

Mayan Ruins In Jungle

filling wine glasses

Filling Wine Glasses

berlin victory column through trees

Berlin Victory Column Through Trees

european sports car

European Sports Car

ancient temples

Ancient Temples

man looks at feet

Man Looks At Feet

black sports car front view

Black Sports Car Front View