Brodie Vissers

My photography is inspired by exploration – traveling, connecting with different cultures, and capturing people’s passions. I’m deeply involved in the specialty coffee industry

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Brodie Vissers has contributed 1352 photos since March 2017

black sports car spoiler

Black Sports Car Spoiler

old new living space

Old New Living Space

basalt columns in iceland

Basalt Columns in Iceland

recycle cycle

Recycle Cycle

chinese fruit market

Chinese Fruit Market

german flag on rooftop

German Flag On Rooftop

iced latte at coffee shop window

Iced Latte At Coffee Shop Window

men's fashion man in shirt and jeans sat on steps

Men's Fashion Man In Shirt And Jeans Sat On Steps

hiker in rocky iceland field

Hiker In Rocky Iceland Field

tropical urban beach shore

Tropical Urban Beach Shore

clouds in a pink sky over wave-soaked beach

Clouds In A Pink Sky Over Wave-Soaked Beach

flag of china flying

Flag Of China Flying

woman in punk wear

Woman In Punk Wear

man leans over piers edge

Man Leans Over Piers Edge

majestic arizona landscape

Majestic Arizona Landscape

bridge over freshwater stream

Bridge Over Freshwater Stream

relaxing seat with cup of espresso

Relaxing Seat With Cup Of Espresso

red sandstone grand canyon

Red Sandstone Grand Canyon

ladder to the clouds

Ladder To The Clouds

rocky formations

Rocky Formations

central park pond

Central Park Pond

pyramid of the sun in fog

Pyramid Of The Sun In Fog

layered edges of american canyon

Layered Edges Of American Canyon

hiking mossy volcanic field

Hiking Mossy Volcanic Field

jetstream in sky over canyon

Jetstream In Sky Over Canyon

large batch of coffee in roaster

Large Batch Of Coffee In Roaster

clay rooftops in china

Clay Rooftops In China

black sports car front view

Black Sports Car Front View

shining disco ball

Shining Disco Ball

trees in shenzhen

Trees In Shenzhen

apartment view shanghai

Apartment View Shanghai

ancient temples

Ancient Temples

mayan ruins in jungle

Mayan Ruins In Jungle

ethernet plugged in

Ethernet Plugged In

person sitting on beach looking out

Person Sitting On Beach Looking Out

bike & feet by curb

Bike & Feet By Curb

couch by interior brick wall

Couch By Interior Brick Wall

figure and tree on snowy hill

Figure And Tree On Snowy Hill

sunlit berlin cathedral

Sunlit Berlin Cathedral

chin ups at the park

Chin Ups At The Park

under city bridge

Under City Bridge

two large pizzas on wooden board with glasses of wine nearby

Two Large Pizzas On Wooden Board With Glasses of Wine Nearby



view from rooftop

View From Rooftop

interior decor shelving with ceramic art

Interior Decor Shelving With Ceramic Art

indian cow

Indian Cow

bird image in latte art

Bird Image In Latte Art

a baby monkey sits on branches and smiles

A Baby Monkey Sits On Branches And Smiles

one world trade tower

One World Trade Tower

curving skyscraper

Curving Skyscraper