Welcome to the adventures of The Nomad Barista – I'm Brodie, and my photography is inspired by exploring the world, connecting with different cultures, and of course coffee!

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Brodie has contributed 1352 photos since March 2017

grand canyon peaks

Grand Canyon Peaks

apartment view shanghai

Apartment View Shanghai

a man in sandals treads a path through ferns

A Man In Sandals Treads A Path Through Ferns

flag of china flying

Flag Of China Flying

woman wearing necklace on train

Woman Wearing Necklace On Train

rocky cliff in ocean

Rocky Cliff In Ocean

dirt road through tropical greenery

Dirt Road Through Tropical Greenery

introspective journaling

Introspective Journaling

rock art desert hills

Rock Art Desert Hills

cup-filtered coffee

Cup-filtered Coffee

hawk hunting over desert cliff

Hawk Hunting Over Desert Cliff

close up shot woman's feet and anklet

Close Up Shot Woman's Feet And Anklet

euro stairs

Euro Stairs

narrow london street

Narrow London Street

bridges over florence water

Bridges Over Florence Water

workout bars at park

Workout Bars At Park

red sandstone peaks in canyon

Red Sandstone Peaks In Canyon

pastel skies over green village

Pastel Skies Over Green Village

empire state building

Empire State Building

grey sky over fall field

Grey Sky Over Fall Field

union jack flies above castle

Union Jack Flies Above Castle

ethernet plugged in

Ethernet Plugged In

a woman on a beach opens her sarong at the rolling waves

A Woman On A Beach Opens Her Sarong At The Rolling Waves

rings on necklace close up

Rings On Necklace Close Up

basilica rooftop walk

Basilica Rooftop Walk

hiking through the bush

Hiking Through The Bush

hiker in rocky iceland field

Hiker In Rocky Iceland Field

green fields in iceland

Green Fields in Iceland

sunlit yellow building

Sunlit Yellow Building

leaning tower of pisa

Leaning Tower Of Pisa

yogi strikes pose in an indoor garden

Yogi Strikes Pose In An Indoor Garden

trees in shenzhen

Trees In Shenzhen

monumento a la revolucion street view

Monumento A La Revolucion Street View

rocky island

Rocky Island

black sports car

Black Sports Car

milk pouring on iced coffee to go

Milk Pouring On Iced Coffee To Go

jetstream in sky over canyon

Jetstream In Sky Over Canyon

clay rooftops in china

Clay Rooftops In China

tall trees from below

Tall Trees From Below

bushes near fresh springwater

Bushes Near Fresh Springwater

man relaxing

Man Relaxing

young woman holds potted flower

Young Woman Holds Potted Flower

layered edges of american canyon

Layered Edges Of American Canyon

crumbling red peaks of grand canyon

Crumbling Red Peaks Of Grand Canyon

man looks at feet

Man Looks At Feet

layered rocks of grand canyon

Layered Rocks Of Grand Canyon

perfect morning patio

Perfect Morning Patio

men's fashion loose cotton shirt and rolled up jeans

Men's Fashion Loose Cotton Shirt And Rolled Up Jeans

mayan ruins in jungle

Mayan Ruins In Jungle

grey sky hill hiking

Grey Sky Hill Hiking