Brodie Vissers

My photography is inspired by exploration – traveling, connecting with different cultures, and capturing people’s passions. I’m deeply involved in the specialty coffee industry

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Brodie Vissers has contributed 1352 photos since March 2017

rock ledge into ocean

Rock Ledge Into Ocean

new york city yellow taxi

New York City Yellow Taxi

sea shore rocks

Sea Shore Rocks

english castle

English Castle

hand holds leaning tower

Hand Holds Leaning Tower

cell phone photography

Cell Phone Photography

hiker peaks over rocky edge

Hiker Peaks Over Rocky Edge

royal statue the queen

Royal Statue The Queen

fish and chips sign

Fish And Chips Sign

pink iris flowers by fence

Pink Iris Flowers By Fence

jet ski makes waves

Jet Ski Makes Waves

rushing stream

Rushing Stream

man pouring tea

Man Pouring Tea

man standing by train

Man Standing By Train

water hitting rocks

Water Hitting Rocks

turquoise blue ocean waters along jungle covered cliffside

Turquoise Blue Ocean Waters Along Jungle Covered Cliffside

a tanned woman exhibits anklet on rocky seashore

A Tanned Woman Exhibits Anklet On Rocky Seashore

sunny valley of farmland filled with sunshine

Sunny Valley Of Farmland Filled With Sunshine

italian waterway

Italian Waterway

water kite adventure

Water Kite Adventure

ice cold affogato coffee on wooden table

Ice Cold Affogato Coffee On Wooden Table

winding road through mossy hills

Winding Road Through Mossy Hills

rings on necklace close up

Rings On Necklace Close Up

espresso machine with dark wood handles

Espresso Machine With Dark Wood Handles

travel adventure montserrat

Travel Adventure Montserrat

antelope canyon arizona

Antelope Canyon Arizona

basketball in hand

Basketball In Hand

waters edge & plants

Waters Edge & Plants

close up shot woman's feet and anklet

Close Up Shot Woman's Feet And Anklet

classic car glove box

Classic Car Glove Box

marina by hills

Marina By Hills

mossy volcanic hillside

Mossy Volcanic Hillside

black sports car detail

Black Sports Car Detail

walk on historic stone tomb

Walk On Historic Stone Tomb

london bridge details

London Bridge Details

winding tree towers over landscape

Winding Tree Towers Over Landscape

hawk hunting over desert cliff

Hawk Hunting Over Desert Cliff

tower of pisa

Tower Of Pisa

florence italy bridge

Florence Italy Bridge

standing on top of tree trunk

Standing On Top Of Tree Trunk

woman going down stairs

Woman Going Down Stairs

pizza and wine dinner

Pizza And Wine Dinner

londons busy downtown

Londons Busy Downtown

men's fashion close up of shirt and belt

Men's Fashion Close Up Of Shirt And Belt

splashing coffee as it pours

Splashing Coffee As It Pours

high leg reach around yoga pose balance

High Leg Reach Around Yoga Pose Balance

men's fashion loose cotton shirt and rolled up jeans

Men's Fashion Loose Cotton Shirt And Rolled Up Jeans

bridges over florence water

Bridges Over Florence Water

couple enjoys sunset view

Couple Enjoys Sunset View

two pizzas and wine

Two Pizzas And Wine