Welcome to the adventures of The Nomad Barista – I'm Brodie, and my photography is inspired by exploring the world, connecting with different cultures, and of course coffee!

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Brodie has contributed 1352 photos since March 2017

lantern lit jungle hut

Lantern Lit Jungle Hut

resting from paddling

Resting From Paddling

a woman by the sea with patterned shawl draped through arms

A Woman By The Sea With Patterned Shawl Draped Through Arms

men's fashion close up patterned shirt red wine

Men's Fashion Close Up Patterned Shirt Red Wine

crumbling rocky cliffs

Crumbling Rocky Cliffs

yogi strikes pose in an indoor garden

Yogi Strikes Pose In An Indoor Garden

dry grass beach umbrellas

Dry Grass Beach Umbrellas

forrest & mountain

Forrest & Mountain

couple standing on beach

Couple Standing On Beach

rocky hike

Rocky Hike

royal statue the queen

Royal Statue The Queen

clouds over iceland field

Clouds Over Iceland Field

older woman grooming younger

Older Woman Grooming Younger

grand canyon usa background

Grand Canyon Usa Background

modern glass architecture

Modern Glass Architecture

man rolls up sleeves

Man Rolls Up Sleeves

salami sandwich

Salami Sandwich

walking deeper into water

Walking Deeper Into Water

riding in the city

Riding In The City

waters edge & plants

Waters Edge & Plants

dark dj set

Dark DJ Set

hiking abandoned quonset in field

Hiking Abandoned Quonset In Field

myanmar train adventure

Myanmar Train Adventure

interior home decor vase

Interior Home Decor Vase

sandy shoulder

Sandy Shoulder

eiffel tower paris

Eiffel Tower Paris

basilica roof

Basilica Roof

latte art on book

Latte Art On Book

vltava river view city

Vltava River View City

sporty woman

Sporty Woman

man riding bicycle with bowls and baskets

Man Riding Bicycle With Bowls And Baskets

grass by creek

Grass By Creek

sandy feet

Sandy Feet

horseshoe bend colorado river usa

Horseshoe Bend Colorado River Usa

farmer fields in rural china

Farmer Fields In Rural China

woman sits on floor looking at records

Woman Sits On Floor Looking At Records

stream through rocky hillside

Stream Through Rocky Hillside

glass building in tropical city

Glass Building In Tropical City

men's fashion stood in vineyard shirt and shorts

Men's Fashion Stood In Vineyard Shirt And Shorts

grassy beach umbrellas

Grassy Beach Umbrellas

antelope canyon arizona

Antelope Canyon Arizona

hand pouring hot tea

Hand Pouring Hot Tea

raw coffee bean texture

Raw Coffee Bean Texture

drinking black coffee with nature for company

Drinking Black Coffee With Nature For Company

rocky cliff in ocean

Rocky Cliff In Ocean

man's arm around woman

Man's Arm Around Woman

hikers on seaside rocks

Hikers On Seaside Rocks

hiker peaks over rocky edge

Hiker Peaks Over Rocky Edge

marina by hills

Marina By Hills

looking over the bridge

Looking Over The Bridge