Welcome to the adventures of The Nomad Barista – I'm Brodie, and my photography is inspired by exploring the world, connecting with different cultures, and of course coffee!

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Brodie has contributed 1352 photos since March 2017

tourist telescopes city view

Tourist Telescopes City View

strong man works out

Strong Man Works Out

bird image in latte art

Bird Image In Latte Art

men's fashion close up patterned shirt red wine

Men's Fashion Close Up Patterned Shirt Red Wine

tropical hut with palmtrees

Tropical Hut With Palmtrees

salami sandwich

Salami Sandwich

hiker on canyon plateau

Hiker On Canyon Plateau

hiking abandoned quonset in field

Hiking Abandoned Quonset In Field

clouds & mountain

Clouds & Mountain

clock tower in england

Clock Tower In England

latte art on book

Latte Art On Book

man riding bicycle with bowls and baskets

Man Riding Bicycle With Bowls And Baskets

waterfall from above

Waterfall From Above

metal stairs through glacier park

Metal Stairs Through Glacier Park

interior home decor vase

Interior Home Decor Vase

templo de santo domingo de guzman

Templo De Santo Domingo De Guzman

new york buildings

New York Buildings

rocky hike

Rocky Hike

cliff watcher

Cliff Watcher

couple standing on beach

Couple Standing On Beach

waffles with whipped cream

Waffles With Whipped Cream

modern shanghai, china

Modern Shanghai, China

racing through city

Racing Through City

hand pouring hot tea

Hand Pouring Hot Tea

woman takes in ocean air

Woman Takes In Ocean Air

vineyard and mountains

Vineyard and Mountains

sunbeams though the clouds over the hills

Sunbeams Though The Clouds Over The Hills

iced latte at coffee shop window

Iced Latte At Coffee Shop Window

horseshoe bend colorado river usa

Horseshoe Bend Colorado River Usa

clouds over iceland field

Clouds Over Iceland Field

waterside mountain path

Waterside Mountain Path

man rolls up sleeves

Man Rolls Up Sleeves

couple enjoys sunset view

Couple Enjoys Sunset View

walking deeper into water

Walking Deeper Into Water

spanish beach marina

Spanish Beach Marina

woman does yoga outdoors

Woman Does Yoga Outdoors

grand canyon usa background

Grand Canyon Usa Background

man and tree on snowy hilltop

Man And Tree On Snowy Hilltop

men's fashion stood in vineyard shirt and shorts

Men's Fashion Stood In Vineyard Shirt And Shorts

man's arm around woman

Man's Arm Around Woman

crumbling rocky cliffs

Crumbling Rocky Cliffs

wilderness mountain landscape

Wilderness Mountain Landscape



royal statue the queen

Royal Statue The Queen

water under bridge

Water Under Bridge

glass building in tropical city

Glass Building In Tropical City

volcanic hillside road

Volcanic Hillside Road

rock ledge into ocean

Rock Ledge Into Ocean

surfing with kite

Surfing With Kite

sporty woman

Sporty Woman