Brodie Vissers

My photography is inspired by exploration – traveling, connecting with different cultures, and capturing people’s passions. I’m deeply involved in the specialty coffee industry

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Brodie Vissers has contributed 1352 photos since March 2017

bright sun over grand canyon

Bright Sun Over Grand Canyon

thames river passes london

Thames River Passes London

reykjavik iceland clock tower

Reykjavik Iceland Clock Tower

men's fashion man with bicycle surrounded by flowers

Men's Fashion Man With Bicycle Surrounded By Flowers

spanish beach marina

Spanish Beach Marina

eiffel tower base

Eiffel Tower Base

green mountain trail

Green Mountain Trail

tourist telescopes city view

Tourist Telescopes City View

a fresh brewed pot of filter coffee

A Fresh Brewed Pot Of Filter Coffee



decorated chinese store front

Decorated Chinese Store Front

clear water & rocks

Clear Water & Rocks

rocky hike

Rocky Hike



gourmet pesto sandwich

Gourmet Pesto Sandwich

looking over the bridge

Looking Over The Bridge

clock tower in england

Clock Tower In England

relaxing near waterfall

Relaxing Near Waterfall

glacier water winding through landscape

Glacier Water Winding Through Landscape

adveturer legs dangle over canyon edge

Adveturer Legs Dangle Over Canyon Edge

arizona highway

Arizona Highway

barista pours over coffee at cafe

Barista Pours Over Coffee At Cafe

women's fashion tattooed woman stood in vineyard

Women's Fashion Tattooed Woman Stood In Vineyard

long distance cyclists

Long Distance Cyclists

clouds over iceland field

Clouds Over Iceland Field

urban traffic

Urban Traffic

metal stairs through glacier park

Metal Stairs Through Glacier Park

jumping action shot on rocky beach

Jumping Action Shot On Rocky Beach

sandy shoulder

Sandy Shoulder

a peaceful and mindful garden

A Peaceful And Mindful Garden

man prays on stone temple ledge

Man Prays On Stone Temple Ledge

man riding bicycle with bowls and baskets

Man Riding Bicycle With Bowls And Baskets

sandy feet

Sandy Feet

view of paris

View Of Paris

reaching yoga pose in nature

Reaching Yoga Pose In Nature

modern glass architecture

Modern Glass Architecture

hiker on canyon plateau

Hiker On Canyon Plateau

minimalist room with modern art

Minimalist Room With Modern Art

burning incense sticks in temple

Burning Incense Sticks In Temple

vintage car interior

Vintage Car Interior

crumbling rocky cliffs

Crumbling Rocky Cliffs

horseshoe bend colorado river usa

Horseshoe Bend Colorado River Usa

water under bridge

Water Under Bridge

white ferry in water

White Ferry In Water

grass by creek

Grass By Creek

a woman by the sea with patterned shawl draped through arms

A Woman By The Sea With Patterned Shawl Draped Through Arms

hand pouring hot tea

Hand Pouring Hot Tea

network connections

Network Connections

surfing with kite

Surfing With Kite

wilderness mountain landscape

Wilderness Mountain Landscape