Brodie Vissers

My photography is inspired by exploration – traveling, connecting with different cultures, and capturing people’s passions. I’m deeply involved in the specialty coffee industry

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Brodie Vissers has contributed 1352 photos since March 2017

forrest photographer

Forrest Photographer

adveturer legs dangle over canyon edge

Adveturer Legs Dangle Over Canyon Edge

paris haze

Paris Haze

eiffel tower

Eiffel Tower

man hand with tea and granola

Man Hand With Tea And Granola

standing in still water

Standing In Still Water

drone & lighthouse

Drone & Lighthouse

beach goers swim in ocean

Beach Goers Swim In Ocean

stepping close to the edge

Stepping Close To The Edge

man carrying surfboard emerges from ocean waves

Man Carrying Surfboard Emerges From Ocean Waves

public subway underground

Public Subway Underground

turquoise blue ocean waters along jungle covered cliffside

Turquoise Blue Ocean Waters Along Jungle Covered Cliffside

young man pours a fresh cup of coffee

Young Man Pours A Fresh Cup Of Coffee

green mountain

Green Mountain

holding hands as couple

Holding Hands As Couple

water splashing on black rock

Water Splashing On Black Rock

man views water

Man Views Water

iceland hut in grassy hill

Iceland Hut In Grassy Hill

light shines from shanghai skyline

Light Shines From Shanghai Skyline

statue by eiffel tower

Statue By Eiffel Tower

under new york bridge

Under New York Bridge

london skyline and gray sky

London Skyline And Gray Sky

rugged red canyon peaks

Rugged Red Canyon Peaks

dirt path in trees

Dirt Path In Trees

man & woman hand holding

Man & Woman Hand Holding

iron walking bridge

Iron Walking Bridge

blurry truck passes on highway

Blurry Truck Passes On Highway

paris buildings

Paris Buildings

casual fashion woman

Casual Fashion Woman

feet hang over edge

Feet Hang Over Edge

dry grass beach umbrellas

Dry Grass Beach Umbrellas

arizona desert landscape

Arizona Desert Landscape

fishing boat

Fishing Boat

handstand and balance in trees

Handstand And Balance In Trees

basketball hoop

Basketball Hoop

couple standing seaside

Couple Standing Seaside

grey & white horse

Grey & White Horse

watery rice fields

Watery Rice Fields

lifeguard tower on beach

Lifeguard Tower On Beach

lantern lit jungle hut

Lantern Lit Jungle Hut

cactus on beach

Cactus On Beach

men's fashion hand in jeans pocket

Men's Fashion Hand In Jeans Pocket

decorated chinese store front

Decorated Chinese Store Front

thames river passes london

Thames River Passes London

st mary axe and sky

St Mary Axe And Sky

road race from above

Road Race From Above

weathered doorway

Weathered Doorway

chinese tea

Chinese Tea

kite surfer in action

Kite Surfer In Action

mountains pyrenees

Mountains Pyrenees