Tamara Chemij

A minimalist who enjoys taking photos of products and objects.

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Spilled Milk On Blue | View photo

Tamara Chemij has contributed 30 photos since April 2018

spilled milk on blue

Spilled Milk On Blue

strawberries and cream with color

Strawberries And Cream With Color

red daisy on white

Red Daisy On White

milk swirling as poured in coffee

Milk Swirling As Poured In Coffee

assorted hot beverages tea matcha coffee

Assorted Hot Beverages Tea Matcha Coffee

delicate flowers in glossy ceramic vase

Delicate Flowers In Glossy Ceramic Vase

delicate orchid bloom and buds

Delicate Orchid Bloom And Buds

hand holding cup wth flower

Hand Holding Cup Wth Flower

lilies on ink white and gray

Lilies On Ink White And Gray

papaya fruit

Papaya Fruit

gummy candies on blue and white

Gummy Candies On Blue And White

cozy spot with painted designs on wall

Cozy Spot With painted Designs On Wall

light casting shadows on abstract structure

Light Casting Shadows On Abstract Structure

healthy green juice on ice

Healthy Green Juice On Ice

cozy hot drink close up

Cozy Hot Drink Close Up

morning coffee and photo album

Morning Coffee And Photo Album

view through palm tree to cloudy sky

View Through Palm Tree To Cloudy Sky

palms against a red plaster wall

Palms Against A Red Plaster Wall

glass vase with purple flower

Glass Vase With Purple Flower

melting chocolate bar

Melting Chocolate Bar

red apple with black and white paint

Red Apple With Black And White Paint

sunny day at the ruined pyramid

Sunny Day At The Ruined Pyramid

clear blue water under full palm trees

Clear Blue Water Under Full Palm Trees

ruined steps of ancient pyramid

Ruined Steps Of Ancient Pyramid

afternoon espresso with photograph

Afternoon Espresso With Photograph

red apple against white background

Red Apple Against White Background

melting chocolate bars

Melting Chocolate Bars

ripe red apple with black and white paint

Ripe Red Apple With Black And White Paint

crushed makeup in brown and purple

Crushed Makeup In Brown And Purple

black and white paint on red apple

Black And White Paint On Red Apple