Jonathan Folk

I am 17 years old, and a aspiring photographer working full time in Photo/Video to save up for University funding. At such a young age, equipment isn't my strength, however i'm hoping that my artistic strength can prove that I can be a prove to others that gear isn't essential to telling a story. I placed 6th at Skills Canada National Photography Championship, Representing British Columbia (Vancouver) Intern at ReMax Canada Real Estate Intern at RF Weddings Rotary International Local Intern School District Video Rep Videography Director at City-wide Idol Program

location Richmond

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Elephant Hugs Are The Best | View photo

Jonathan Folk has contributed 6 photos since January 2019

the son becomes the father

The Son Becomes The Father

elephant hugs are the best

Elephant Hugs Are The Best

forgot an umbrella and forced to run

Forgot An Umbrella And Forced To Run

breathtaking hike for a breathtaking view

Breathtaking Hike For A Breathtaking View

shoes on the telephone lines

Shoes On The Telephone Lines

lion cubs exploring for food

Lion Cubs Exploring For Food