Sabrina Wishak

I am an Ottawa-based photographer with a Creative Photography diploma from Humber College. I love to travel and capture the beauty of our planet and am always looking for new and creative ways to experiment in the field!

location Ottawa

Puffin Bird In Tall Grass | View photo

Sabrina Wishak has contributed 89 photos since January 2019

puffin bird in tall grass

Puffin Bird In Tall Grass

hanging bridge over new zealand fields and mountain

Hanging Bridge Over New Zealand Fields And Mountain

perfect pink rose

Perfect Pink Rose

woman wearing hoodie holds cat in one hand

Woman Wearing Hoodie Holds Cat In One Hand

iceland hiker on glacial mountain

Iceland Hiker On Glacial Mountain

geodesic dome home stands tall in lush field of green grass

Geodesic Dome Home Stands Tall In Lush Field Of Green Grass

all the colors sparkling in the sky

All The Colors Sparkling In The Sky

the coastline off sandavagur with mulafossur waterfall

The Coastline Off Sandavagur With Mulafossur Waterfall

silhouette of people watching fireworks

Silhouette Of People Watching Fireworks

icebergs and glaciers in iceland

Icebergs And Glaciers In Iceland

three bursts of fireworks in the night

Three Bursts Of Fireworks In The Night

inside a cabin in the mountains

Inside A Cabin in the Mountains

a single highway swirls through a hilly landscape

A Single Highway Swirls Through A Hilly Landscape

blue glacier waters by hills

Blue Glacier Waters By Hills

single grape hyacinth

Single Grape Hyacinth

sheep on a grassy hillside

Sheep On A Grassy Hillside

a dark wooden doorway framed by a trellis of greenery

A Dark Wooden Doorway Framed By A Trellis Of Greenery

pony pals

Pony Pals

open door in dining area of cabin

Open Door In Dining Area Of Cabin

sunshine through the trees glimmers on the river

Sunshine Through The Trees Glimmers On The River

geodesic homes nestled in thick fog on grassy hillside

Geodesic Homes Nestled In Thick Fog On Grassy Hillside

wildflowers, hillsides, and hiker

Wildflowers, Hillsides, And Hiker

fireworks bursting through the night sky

Fireworks Bursting Through The Night Sky

flower in hand in front of cliffs

Flower in Hand In Front Of Cliffs

burst of fireworks at night

Burst Of Fireworks At Night

fireworks unfurl in the night sky

Fireworks Unfurl In The Night Sky

a flurry of fireworks burst into the sky

A Flurry Of Fireworks Burst Into The Sky

powerful ocean waves crashing

Powerful Ocean Waves Crashing

cluster of leaves

Cluster of Leaves

close up of orange tulip

Close Up Of Orange Tulip

this sign likes you a lot

This Sign Likes You A Lot

wind blown sheep stands in shadow of towering mountain

Wind Blown Sheep Stands In Shadow Of Towering Mountain

mud-spattered woman hiker's legs

Mud-Spattered Woman Hiker's Legs

hiker shadow on hill

Hiker Shadow On Hill

man sits on couch in mountain cabin

Man Sits On Couch In Mountain Cabin

fern photobomb

Fern Photobomb

down the stairs of a wooden cabin

Down The Stairs Of A Wooden Cabin

colors pop on the wings of a butterfly

Colors Pop On The Wings Of A Butterfly

little green leaves on a twig against a white background

Little Green Leaves On A Twig Against A White Background

butterfly on a cherry blossom

Butterfly On A Cherry Blossom

fern trees in sunlight frame distant mountains

Fern Trees In Sunlight Frame Distant Mountains

pristine mountainous coastline off faroe islands

Pristine Mountainous Coastline Off Faroe Islands

sunlight breaks through heavy clouds over hills

Sunlight Breaks Through Heavy Clouds Over Hills

pink rhododendron blossoms open in spring sunshine

Pink Rhododendron Blossoms Open In Spring Sunshine

a tender branch reaches skyward with fresh young leaves

A Tender Branch Reaches Skyward With Fresh Young Leaves

city of sandavagur harbor filled with bright fishing boats

City Of Sandavagur Harbor Filled With Bright Fishing Boats

tree-covered hills against a grey sky

Tree-Covered Hills Against A Grey Sky

a paved stone path drops to meet a green valley

A Paved Stone Path Drops To Meet A Green Valley

a stony path descend to a green valley

A Stony Path Descend To A Green Valley

close up of fern fronds

Close Up Of Fern Fronds