Sabrina Wishak

I am an Ottawa-based photographer with a Creative Photography diploma from Humber College. I love to travel and capture the beauty of our planet and am always looking for new and creative ways to experiment in the field!

location Ottawa

A Dark Green Hill Against The Smoky Sky | View photo

Sabrina Wishak has contributed 89 photos since January 2019

a stony path descend to a green valley

A Stony Path Descend To A Green Valley

pristine mountainous coastline off faroe islands

Pristine Mountainous Coastline Off Faroe Islands

snowfall on withered plant

Snowfall On Withered Plant

a small pebble pile on top a mountain

A Small Pebble Pile On Top A Mountain

close up of fern fronds

Close Up Of Fern Fronds

hills against a blue sky and a small white building

Hills Against A Blue Sky And A Small White Building

sunlight breaks through foggy clouds

Sunlight Breaks Through Foggy Clouds

snow-covered plants in a field

Snow-Covered Plants In A Field

thousands of tree tops under a blue sky

Thousands Of Tree Tops Under A Blue Sky

sunlight on a hilltop and fern trees

Sunlight On A Hilltop And Fern Trees

view of mulafossur waterfall from opposite cliffside

View Of Mulafossur Waterfall From Opposite Cliffside

sheepdog resting near shed while watching flock

Sheepdog Resting Near Shed While Watching Flock

a stony hill under a grey sky

A Stony Hill Under A Grey Sky

a dark green hill against the smoky sky

A Dark Green Hill Against The Smoky Sky

white blossoms against a blue sky

White Blossoms Against A Blue Sky

snow-covered leaves on thin branches

Snow-Covered Leaves On Thin Branches

sheepdog resting in front of green metal shed

Sheepdog Resting In Front Of Green Metal Shed

a close up of a white flower

A Close Up Of A White Flower

pinecones on a branch in snow

Pinecones On A Branch In Snow

buildings of the city of sandavagur along a calm sandy beach

Buildings Of The City Of Sandavagur Along A Calm Sandy Beach

stony steps rise to meet a blue sky

Stony Steps Rise To Meet A Blue Sky

close-up of snow on tree bark

Close-Up Of Snow On Tree Bark

purple flower in focus on the ground

Purple Flower In Focus On The Ground

close up of a leaf in low light

Close Up Of A Leaf In Low Light

rolling green hills surround the church of sandavagur

Rolling Green Hills Surround The Church Of Sandavagur

a watery patch on a stone plateau glimmers in the sunlight

A Watery Patch On A Stone Plateau Glimmers In The Sunlight

sunlight through the branches of fern trees

Sunlight Through The Branches Of Fern Trees

a cross section of an aged tree

A Cross Section Of An Aged Tree

the cracked cross section of an old tree

The Cracked Cross Section Of An Old Tree

delicate fern frond reaches tall in early morning sunshine

Delicate Fern Frond Reaches Tall In Early Morning Sunshine

geodesic homes on grassy hilltop under fluffy cloud cover

Geodesic Homes On Grassy Hilltop Under Fluffy Cloud Cover

infant fern frond unfurls under early morning sunshine

Infant Fern Frond Unfurls Under Early Morning Sunshine

a cross section of a cracked ancient tree

A Cross Section Of A Cracked Ancient Tree

island village of sandavagur covers sloping hillside

Island Village Of Sandavagur Covers Sloping Hillside

looking up the hill towards two geodesic homes in the fog

Looking Up The Hill Towards Two Geodesic Homes In The Fog

the church of sandavagur towers over the village houses

The Church Of Sandavagur Towers Over The Village Houses

red and white church of sandavagur reflecting on waterfront

Red And White Church Of Sandavagur Reflecting On Waterfront

small village clings to hillside off faroe islands

Small Village Clings To Hillside Off Faroe Islands

flagstaff stone fences and calm waterways along coastal city

Flagstaff Stone Fences And Calm Waterways Along Coastal City