Shashank Dogra

Creative being and a master of the mystic arts of Photos, web, and music.

location Los Angeles

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Longboarder On Urban Street | View photo

Shashank Dogra has contributed 14 photos since July 2018

looking up at modern building

Looking Up At Modern Building

white dog sits patiently for the camera

White Dog Sits Patiently For The Camera

modern window design with steps and peak

Modern Window Design With Steps And Peak

los angeles palms by boardwalk

Los Angeles Palms By Boardwalk

outdoor lights hang from trees

Outdoor Lights Hang From Trees

longboarder on urban street

Longboarder On Urban Street

orange sunlight brightens modern architecture

Orange Sunlight Brightens Modern Architecture

corner of classic building architecture

Corner Of Classic Building Architecture

white dog with tongue hanging out

White Dog With Tongue Hanging Out

view of the front of a classic american car

View Of The Front Of A Classic American Car

rusty bike parked on boardwalk

Rusty Bike Parked On Boardwalk

verrazano narrows suspension bridge sunset

Verrazano Narrows Suspension Bridge Sunset

pigeon rests on lamppost

Pigeon Rests On Lamppost

sunrise looming over the horizon

Sunrise Looming Over The Horizon