Scott Murdoch

Five by Five Photography is a Toronto based photography studio specializing in corporate and personal photography.

location Toronto

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Black And White Elephant Face | View photo

Scott Murdoch has contributed 115 photos since March 2018

newly hatched ducklings

Newly Hatched Ducklings

hot sunset over water

Hot Sunset Over Water

australian beach and clear ocean

Australian Beach And Clear Ocean

sunny misty background

Sunny Misty Background

mini doberman pinscher face

Mini Doberman Pinscher Face

monochromatic landscape

Monochromatic Landscape

old tree roots

Old Tree Roots

house home in jungle

House Home In Jungle

gold light through tree

Gold Light Through Tree

african safari sunset

African Safari Sunset

warm sunny palmtrees

Warm Sunny Palmtrees

red crabs on rocks

Red Crabs On Rocks

black and white elephant face

Black And White Elephant Face

ever green woods in fog

Ever Green Woods In Fog

busy thai intersection above

Busy Thai Intersection Above

black and white bridge over city

Black And White Bridge Over City

box piles in japanese market

Box Piles In Japanese Market

waterfall in africa

Waterfall In Africa

still lake with divingboard

Still Lake With Divingboard

kayaks on dock

Kayaks On Dock

full rainbow over rocks and water

Full Rainbow Over Rocks And Water

south african shore

South African Shore

fallen maple leaves on windsheild

Fallen Maple Leaves On Windsheild

bright lights japan

Bright Lights Japan

golden elegant columns

Golden Elegant Columns

urban bridge through japanese city

Urban Bridge Through Japanese City

squinting dog

Squinting Dog

snow tips in clouds

Snow Tips In Clouds

still lake in cottage country

Still Lake In Cottage Country

graffiti buildings inset

Graffiti Buildings Inset

warm sun over sleeping city

Warm Sun Over Sleeping City

african elephant close up

African Elephant Close Up

rainbow and rock cliff

Rainbow And Rock Cliff

through buildings city high

Through Buildings City High

colorful home rooftops from above

Colorful Home Rooftops From Above

snowcapped mountain peak

Snowcapped Mountain Peak

baby sea turtle escapes

Baby Sea Turtle Escapes

bright beach tide

Bright Beach Tide

bamboo with engravings

Bamboo With Engravings

golden thai temple

Golden Thai Temple

mini doberman on couch

Mini Doberman On Couch

japan city from above

Japan City From Above

thai temple rooftop

Thai Temple Rooftop

grey stormy lake

Grey Stormy Lake

urban city homes above

Urban City Homes Above

birds flying over urban centre

Birds Flying Over Urban Centre

puffy cloud

Puffy Cloud

australian beach footprints

Australian Beach Footprints

rippled ocean beach sand

Rippled Ocean Beach Sand

lake this way sign

Lake This Way Sign