Scott Murdoch

Five by Five Photography is a Toronto based photography studio specializing in corporate and personal photography.

location Toronto

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Black And White Elephant Face | View photo

Scott Murdoch has contributed 115 photos since March 2018

grey green woods

Grey Green Woods

blue skies and rolling hills

Blue Skies And Rolling Hills

little sea lion

Little Sea Lion

orange sunrise over beach

Orange Sunrise Over Beach

marine iguana

Marine Iguana

sydney opera house

Sydney Opera House

palmtree and blue sky

Palmtree And Blue Sky

crisp blue winter wood

Crisp Blue Winter Wood

light lines through shed wall

Light Lines Through Shed Wall

can you see the iguana

Can You See The Iguana

white walled achitecture

White Walled Achitecture

patch up green mountainside

Patch Up Green Mountainside

row of rubber boots

Row Of Rubber Boots

peak a boo iguana

Peak A Boo Iguana

snow covered lifeguard station

Snow Covered Lifeguard Station