Scott Murdoch

Five by Five Photography is a Toronto based photography studio specializing in corporate and personal photography.

location Toronto

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Black And White Elephant Face | View photo

Scott Murdoch has contributed 115 photos since March 2018

vervet monkey in african tree

Vervet Monkey In African Tree

black and white bridge over city

Black And White Bridge Over City

through buildings city high

Through Buildings City High

blue footed booby on rock

Blue Footed Booby On Rock

spider and web moonlight silhouette

Spider And Web Moonlight Silhouette

grey stormy lake

Grey Stormy Lake

pair of african penguins

Pair Of African Penguins

still lake in cottage country

Still Lake In Cottage Country

daisy floral cake

Daisy Floral Cake

rusted river boat on clear water

Rusted River Boat On Clear Water

birds flying over urban centre

Birds Flying Over Urban Centre

lake this way sign

Lake This Way Sign

cruis ship at cliff side

Cruis Ship At Cliff Side

full moon glow

Full Moon Glow

flying blue footed booby

Flying Blue Footed Booby

full blue moon

Full Blue Moon

waterfall through rock face

Waterfall Through Rock Face

wide winged bat flies

Wide Winged Bat Flies

fall golden leaves

Fall Golden Leaves

elder walking through market

Elder Walking Through Market

african penguins

African Penguins

monkey napping in tree

Monkey Napping In Tree

blue footed booby face

Blue Footed Booby Face

urban city homes above

Urban City Homes Above

australian beach footprints

Australian Beach Footprints

thai temple rooftop

Thai Temple Rooftop

still lake with divingboard

Still Lake With Divingboard

sydney opera house and harbor

Sydney Opera House And Harbor

light structure in steam

Light Structure In Steam

wood wall and bamboo bundle reflection

Wood Wall And Bamboo Bundle Reflection

adult male lion in the sun

Adult Male Lion In The Sun

pile of metal tins

Pile Of Metal Tins

gondola at table mountain south africa

Gondola At Table Mountain South Africa

blue footed booby feet

Blue Footed Booby Feet

rippled ocean beach sand

Rippled Ocean Beach Sand

cyclist though misty park

Cyclist Though Misty Park

african penguin close up

African Penguin Close Up

reptile smile on rock

Reptile Smile On Rock

linear architectural shadows

Linear Architectural Shadows

shipwreck silhouette at sunset

Shipwreck Silhouette At Sunset

beach tractor trailer

Beach Tractor Trailer

rusted metal in water

Rusted Metal In Water

silhouette person arms up

Silhouette Person Arms Up

white bark trees

White Bark Trees

pacific reef heron sea bird

Pacific Reef Heron Sea Bird

cookies on milk

Cookies On Milk

palmtree and blue sky

Palmtree And Blue Sky

black chruch building blue skies

Black Chruch Building Blue Skies

little sea lion on beach

Little Sea Lion On Beach

grey green woods

Grey Green Woods