Sarah Pflug

I enjoy the finer things in life such as cheese, chocolate and pickles. I have a passion for food photography and am constantly pushing myself to expand on my knowledge and experience.

location Toronto, Ontario

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Hand Holding Vanilla Milkshake | View photo

Sarah Pflug has contributed 1956 photos since June 2017

measuring tape thread and tags

Measuring Tape Thread And Tags

fishing tackle box

Fishing Tackle Box

man places groceries into a paper bag

Man Places Groceries Into A Paper Bag

female model smiles in blue chair

Female Model Smiles In Blue Chair

tabby cat in black and white

Tabby Cat In Black And White

trendy camera and notebook

Trendy Camera And Notebook

golf clubs driver

Golf Clubs Driver

wooden chair by pink wall

Wooden Chair By Pink Wall

festive message spelled out with wooden letters

Festive Message Spelled Out With Wooden Letters

holiday chocolate treat

Holiday Chocolate Treat

woman peeking through glittery partition

Woman Peeking Through Glittery Partition

food preparation with protective gloves

Food Preparation With Protective Gloves

a little villa at the base of a green rocky hill

A Little Villa At the Base Of A Green Rocky Hill

two women sitting on red metal lifeguard chair at beach

Two Women Sitting On Red Metal Lifeguard Chair At Beach

a tray of roasted chickpeas

A Tray Of Roasted Chickpeas

finger measurements

Finger Measurements

rustic tea service

Rustic Tea Service

snipping stylist

Snipping Stylist

food tongs on a gold rack

Food Tongs On A Gold Rack

crispy spanakopita spiral

Crispy Spanakopita Spiral

bag of green candy gumballs

Bag Of Green Candy Gumballs

chocolate cake on linen

Chocolate Cake On Linen

colorful phone

Colorful Phone

labeled science jars

Labeled Science Jars

black glass perfume bottle and spritzer

Black Glass Perfume Bottle and Spritzer

wedding dress bride near rocky cliffs

Wedding Dress Bride Near Rocky Cliffs

sewing thread and accessories

Sewing Thread And Accessories

hands hold a plate of spanakopita

Hands Hold A Plate of Spanakopita

sants inspects gift

Sants Inspects Gift

embroidery project with flowers

Embroidery Project With Flowers

carnival ride

Carnival Ride

hammer time

Hammer Time

two tubes of blue paint spill their contents

Two Tubes Of Blue Paint Spill Their Contents

wholesome holiday drink

Wholesome Holiday Drink

picnic blanket with basket food book and uklulele

Picnic Blanket With Basket Food Book And Uklulele

close up of chestnut flatlay

Close Up Of Chestnut Flatlay

candy sprinkle red background

Candy Sprinkle Red Background

ballet toe shoes

Ballet Toe Shoes

royal palace of madrid

Royal Palace Of Madrid

woman sits and smiles

Woman Sits And Smiles

back to school peg board

Back To School Peg Board

dancer warm up splits

Dancer Warm Up Splits

hands grasping a steering wheel

Hands Grasping A Steering Wheel

cake on pink table

Cake On Pink Table

colorful toothbrushes in jar

Colorful Toothbrushes In Jar

walking in city sculpture

Walking In City Sculpture

sunglasses and nail polish for holidays

Sunglasses And Nail Polish For Holidays

he's just so funny

He's Just So Funny

wooden sign santas' lane

Wooden Sign Santas' Lane

using a ring sizer

Using A Ring Sizer