Sarah Pflug

I enjoy the finer things in life such as cheese, chocolate and pickles. I have a passion for food photography and am constantly pushing myself to expand on my knowledge and experience.

location Toronto, Ontario

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Hand Holding Vanilla Milkshake | View photo

Sarah Pflug has contributed 1976 photos since June 2017

dramatic black glass perfume

Dramatic Black Glass Perfume

fuzzy decorations surround the words merry christmas

Fuzzy Decorations Surround The Words Merry Christmas

a heart-shaped blackboard on a pink background

A Heart-Shaped Blackboard On A Pink Background

a hand brandishes reusable menstrual pads

A Hand Brandishes Reusable Menstrual Pads

festive message spelled out with wooden letters

Festive Message Spelled Out With Wooden Letters

woman poses on a stool

Woman Poses On A Stool

tea lettering on white ceramic

Tea Lettering On White Ceramic

model poses and smiles in greenery

Model Poses And Smiles In Greenery

snoozing baby

Snoozing Baby

woman in cowboy hat and leather jacket

Woman In Cowboy Hat And Leather Jacket

smiling woman holding new year's eve balloons

Smiling Woman Holding New Year's Eve Balloons

red velvet delight

Red Velvet Delight

blue and red dice

Blue And Red Dice

purple smoke in the ally

Purple Smoke In The Ally

wood cutting art

Wood Cutting Art

old white dandelions in a white jug on a wooden table

Old White Dandelions In A White Jug On A Wooden Table

flatlay of picnic prep

Flatlay Of Picnic Prep

three spanakopita spirals on textured plate

Three Spanakopita Spirals On Textured Plate

sliced mango accompanied by mint leaves

Sliced Mango Accompanied By Mint Leaves

black glass perfume bottle and spritzer

Black Glass Perfume Bottle and Spritzer

woman surrounded by cookies

Woman Surrounded By Cookies

dancer warm up splits

Dancer Warm Up Splits

a model in summer fashion with grey backdrop

A Model In Summer Fashion With Grey Backdrop

small wrenches in a line

Small Wrenches In A Line

large round cactus plants in greenhouse

Large Round Cactus Plants In Greenhouse

modern dancer

Modern Dancer

mountain of meaty sandwiches

Mountain Of Meaty Sandwiches

golfer holds club with gloves

Golfer Holds Club With Gloves

ballet toe shoes

Ballet Toe Shoes

young woman using facial roller

Young Woman Using Facial Roller

two hands hold up a sheet of birth control

Two Hands Hold Up A Sheet Of Birth Control

herby line-up

Herby Line-up

close up of chestnut flatlay

Close Up Of Chestnut Flatlay

woman gazes off in the distance

Woman Gazes Off In The Distance

a hand holds a bunch of sage

A Hand Holds A Bunch of Sage

bride under wedding veil

Bride Under Wedding Veil

woman dressed in purple smiling

Woman Dressed In Purple Smiling

mobile phone photography in spain

Mobile Phone Photography In Spain

smiling bride wedding photo

Smiling Bride Wedding Photo

heels and flowers

Heels And Flowers

woman standing on beach holding pink inflatable shell toy

Woman Standing On Beach Holding Pink Inflatable Shell Toy

a woman plays the piano

A Woman Plays The Piano

black and nude boots on red

Black And Nude Boots On Red

back to school?

Back To School?

two women sitting on red metal lifeguard chair at beach

Two Women Sitting On Red Metal Lifeguard Chair At Beach

a model in khakis holding orchids

A Model In Khakis Holding Orchids

a hand holding a small succulent

A Hand Holding A Small Succulent

rainbow toothbrush

Rainbow Toothbrush

glowing brew

Glowing Brew

closed eyes with under eye patches

Closed Eyes With Under Eye Patches